October 25, 2015


Hi all! Here's the note sent to Cuyahoga ADAMHS board members several months ago. Sad to say we have recieved no proposals of their own for brain supportive nutritional wellness. Almost as though they dont understand why we are so excited and active for OMega3s.  The...

October 21, 2015

We want to focus on the science. OFAN first started to give a voice to the researchers so that lipid science is informing the general public. But we are an acute instance of it being hard to conduct our nutritional outreaches appropriately. 


Brainfood promoting, s...

October 19, 2015

As OFAN organizer, Ive engaged in thousands of novel discussions on the subject of Hempseeds + heart/brain benefits of Omega3s.

This brainfoodie blog is being updated to detail my own unfortunate 1st hand head-trauma experience: On 12/26/16 i was pistol whippe...

October 19, 2015

Email to Rep Murphy's Office On Oct 12th. Still Awaiting a reply!



Hi Scott, Many Thanks for your offices's work on Mental Health. My name's Jeremy Koosed and work in mental health advocacy with a foodie angle. My value added Hemp foods bakery has served OH coffee shop...

October 1, 2015









Establishing a fats hub means dedicating some space in your community to omega3 education, enrichment, and dietary diversification. Help promote access and understanding, without it people are lost. Sign up on ourr SIGN UP page to get some samples out in your...

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