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How Mental Health Boards can Help

Dear natural, nutritional healing/living advocates, Warmest greetings! NOW is the time to build bridges with Mental Health services boards & agencies. Omega enrichment needs stamina of a workforce behind it, even more, if we're going to improve cognitive function, clarity, alertness and so much more! See our Make a Presentation page and make your own appeals to Mental Health Boards!

Tell your local board: Fatty Acid Balance and brain-supportive nutrition are essential now!

With all we have discovered regarding the Essential nature of Omega-3s, it's irresponsible NOT to act. Don't look away from the nutritional needs. Don't look away from the irony that there's no omega3 sources or education on the menus served in psych wards.

OFAN stands for specific fat-balance strategies that research shows will be productive. Several outlined here provide ample framework of what can be done to help protect our cell membranes and help families recover from mental/mood disorders. It's up to us to make it possible.

Bring these up at your local meetings. FWD this on!

1) Recommend Food Services change Menus in institutional environments like Jails and Hospitals, to reflect need to fat-balance with adequate Omega3s! That means Less Industrial-Meat, Less dairy, and less GMO junk vegetable oils in processed foods, more feel good, whole-food-plant-foods. Replace at least a proportion of bad fats with low-fat, high fiber dishes, balanced fat sources, and Omega-3 sources. We call for a plant response to address Omega-3 deficiency without overfishing, but realize each institution will arrive at a response that's right for them. PETITION FOR MENU CHANGE HERE

2) Co-sponsor some omega-3 education in the psych wards, availability of recipes and/or foodstuffs with omega-3 in the drop in centers. Brainfood reminders Canvassing in the inner cities with the food policy groups, Access initiatives promotions like we do to promote produce in the food deserts (complete with "we carry omega3" decals for merchants) adequate promotion of "fats hubs" where people can get Omega-3s in the neighborhoods where people likely havent had accss.

3) Radio PSAs, Postcards, Posters, Billboards, Ads on Transit systems, in bus terminals etc. with Food Policy groups. See our Open Letter to Food Policy groups at

4) Help improve nutritional wellness for police officers, fireman, and public service employees with high-stress jobs. Get Brainfood Break curriculum & fat balance coaching going in conjunction with Police Reform. That means brain support as well as cardiac benefits. OFAN suggests opportunites for preventative health measures! Take the initiative to overtly intervene on Peace Officers where they may be experiencing fat imbalance scenarios that could impair judgment. See Police Reform PETITION

5) Work with Nutritionist researchers and Enrich Act Sponsors to update Psych Drs to be recommending fat balance in conjunction with Mental Health recovery treatments (for ADHD and Depression, and many more). Reduce Pharmacy drug residues in the water, take responsibility for the over-medicating going on in your profession!

6) Come up with Omega-3 education ditto for the Public school systems to cover in September.

7) Support Brainfood potlucks, cooking instruction for Omega-3 rich foods with the Hunger agencies, brainfood info out to pantries. Start your own bank of recipes.

8) Endorse the Hemp Farming Act, to grow more Omega-3s as part of a suite of Comprehensive brain-supportive policies setting forth to recover from neurotoxins, mental health disorders, and other health hazards posed by traditional (chemical dependent) farming practices. See the CDC ADHD Maps for Diagnosis rates ( And the USDA review of Omega-3s for efficacy in combating depression in the 2015 Dietary Guidelines ( ) and tell us we don't need more Omega-3s growing in all 50 states with the Hemp farming act. (Sarcasm used at the end there, because you know we're right!

9) Unleash as many specialized Omega-3 enrichment strategies as we can! For survivors of sexual assault, survivors of hate crimes, and war veterans. For example, OFAN's Network partner, Mind Body Soul Survivor is an International Support Group for survivors of rape. We support their program that includes recommendations for nutrition, sunshine, natural activities. These kinds of alterations to the treatment experience will enrich the lives of the institutionalized. Nurture leadership by get Mind Body Soul Survivor's program situated adequately to serve the community with a wellness center. Visit the Go Fund me to find out why this program is so special

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