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OFAN in Guardian. We are not RO

Our Demo Coordinators, busted butt brainfood-reminding and Hemp-legalizing outside the GOP Debate in Cleveland. Getting the Message to Republicans has never been more precient to our survival our whole lives. Please get copies of our actions unfolding. It's incredibly exciting!!

And Share this story, Help us find London Offices. The Chorus will be chiming in!

Guardian Article "Ohio voters to decide on marijuana legalization in November election":

Guardian mistakenly mis-labeled OFAN as mairjuana protesters when clearly our banners refer to Hemp Farming. We can't afford to lose another battle like this. It may be a suprise to International readers that we dont have our full hemp farming rights. But Ohio does not even have a hemp research permitting law. Time to gain recognition for the hard work we are doing broaching the subject of fat-balance!

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