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Investigating role for Omega3s in Rep. Murphy's Mental Health Crisis Act

Email to Rep Murphy's Office On Oct 12th. Still Awaiting a reply!

Hi Scott, Many Thanks for your offices's work on Mental Health. My name's Jeremy Koosed and work in mental health advocacy with a foodie angle. My value added Hemp foods bakery has served OH coffee shops since 2009 and so many markets and festivals. Omega3s wellness advocacy is a pro bono project and passion of Mine which is why Omega Fats Action network formed. I've engaged hundreds of thousands of people in conversations about hemp for nutrition. I would like to just promote omega3 benefits like helping peoples digestion and mental clarity, lipid layers, strategic healing of ADHD and Depression, and with comprehensive PTSD rehabilitation.

No one necessarily is disagreeing that omega3s are healthy, but it's still the case that most institutional environments maintain mostly Standard American Diet cafeteria entrees. Maybe there's a vegetable cheese sandwich but no plant proteins and the buns are white flour. This nutrient depleted and imbalances are taking a toll on mental health stability. I consider OFAN suggested "Actions on Fats" to be responsive to crisis. Basically everything Doctors reveal reinforces that overarching theme that fats are a major health indicator. Why not have creative promotions like Omega3 recipes and posters for fitness and healthcare waiting rooms? A few of our "reminders" are attached!

Omega3 science as it relates to mental health is compelling and draws clear correlations between fat balance and cognitive impairments. Making marine life considerations and the presence of fat soluble neurotoxic pollutants in fish, we arrived at advocating an aggressive pro-plant plan that affords people experiencing imbalance/omega3 deficiency an easy route to plants to avert health risks.

If we believe in recovery from Mental Illness, it's an eerie experience being locked in a psych ward for 72 hours and no one will mention fat acids or healthy meal promos to you.

Could your office help Psych Drs arrive at productive agreement on certain fat-balance nutrition recomm/actions? There's an unfortunate situation where Cleve ADAMHS Board clinician Dr Sabet is not been forthcoming in advising menu changes to clinical settings. And ADAMHS is avoiding shedding light on the subject for general public enrichment.

Our Food Policy Groups email appeal pretty much deatils a lot of what we think ought to be done.

We're facing realities that food services are often at odds with science. In my experience, staying in the a Cleveland UH Hospital Psych Ward, I witnessed indigent, overweight patients ordering bacon and burgers every meal, ham and mayo white bread sandwiches served as 8pm snacks, with empty calorie artificial flavored ice cream and drinks, refined flour pretzels and chips served throughout the day. It amounts to abuse that people are pummeled with this food regularly and nutritional guidance is missing! has promotions for ALA for preventative wellness and intercellular connectivity. We've debuted many ideas for helpful programs as aspects of a comprehensive brainfood enrichment startegy.

This petition which is worth a look to Sodexo, Sysco, Aramark, sysco, For brain supportive menus and sustainable fat balance in psych wards. Could you help us get a leadership instance where over fat balance and omega3 helped people?

We've been challenging scientists omega-educate the cops. I've been advocating for Omega3s in Police reform healthy food in psych wards for seasons now! I've been pinning too much hope on Ohio leaders and would like your help getting some of this health leadership realized. I'd be glad to talk omega fat balance strategy with Rep Murphy for a bit! Cleveland Heartlab has been in touch about our recipe cards and has fast advanced testing of EFAs presence and Ratios.

What i am trying to figure out. Is What is his depression plan? Has Rep Murphy read USDA dietary guidelines mentions of Omega3? I am so exhausted trying to scour any of this information to back up what we're fighting for. Hemp stigma should not hold Rep Murphy back from embracing flax and chia in his life. Most of all Omega3s can compliment hunger programs to improve mental health stability. There's opportunities for elected officials to Act on the nutritional science by convening brainfood potlucks, get people into health sober spaces like hoop houses and otherwise under-utilized public spaces.

See blog @ for my relations to Senator Portman who is also leading on PTSD head trauma recovery.

Economically, Would Rep Murphy help arrange green jobs corps making healthier snack options services a reality in community settings like mental health drop in centers? Corner stores etc?

Omega 3 snack processing jobs have so much potential for quality of life to workers, not just end users. Would Rep Murphy like to collaborate on veggie salad promotion or veggie burger? With Jeb Bush? Its the harvest season and winter squash is one of the plant omega 3 sources (Many Plant Sources listed here

I hope he wants to do something! Please see my presentation to Cuyahoga Mental Boards for Fat Balance in Psych ward menus.​

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