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Being Inter-Faith ethnic-tension soothers

We want to focus on the science. OFAN first started to give a voice to the researchers so that lipid science is informing the general public. But we are an acute instance of it being hard to conduct our nutritional outreaches appropriately.

Brainfood promoting, seed-sampling OFAN activist James Remington is facing a couple felonies for his interactions at the Mosque down the street from his home. google "Ethnic intimidation parma" and youll see the scewed stories.

His words are that he told the Muslims "it's not like I'm a pedophile" when the men in the parking lot showed him the way to leave. He didnt flee! He did not "brandish" the axe that was behind his seat. He's 140 lbs of mostly-vegan, who is making positive contributions overwhelminly in the life he leads. I want to sooth tensions and just make that this went down wrong, a positive thing

HUMMUS PLatter and wine when you read this!!!

Accused Ethnic intimidation, James R was volunteering for OFAN Omega3 wellness group, Omega Fats Action Network that advocates for Hemp farming rights and a vegan response to omega-3 deficiency that will not exacerbate overfishing. His car was stocked with Hemp seed samples (the non drug kind imported from Canada). A known Peacnik, and the Judges know that he goes to meetings. James was helping his friend, Local snack foods Bakery owner, Jeremy Koosed, promote the super seeds for Omega3s & protein richness.

Jeremy claims James is a close friend, volunteering on various components of brainfood activism and environmental stewardship campaigns. He's an informal, odd-ball, organic farmer type who raves about lettuce diversity in a salad. “He does not go around putting people down” Jeremy said, “He looks out for his own mental health stability. I've never seen him unruly drinking or on hard drugs. His passion is for health and helping others.”

“We're out there broaching subjects people barely understand regarding the omega3 Fatty Acids. James wanted to see if the mosque would let him share food samples and recipe information. He's practically a Saint, promoting healthy food and farming everywhere. We enjoy exposing people to new foods which are only positive natural resources intended to work in favor of collective mental Health stability. I turned him onto the Hemp seed foods, and that led him into the parking lot. I feel a sense of duty to soothe tensions.”

Upon examining James' social media, there are pictures of the accused offender with Senator Portman and Mayor Jackson on July 4th when both public officials received birdbrain cards and samples.

“I've known James from the farmers markets, we're both concerned about agricultural issues, and his face always lights up when reporting that someone appreciated our outreach samples and info. The small pick-axe is nothing out of the ordinary and purely circumstantial. He was en route to harvest veggies that he salvages for the poor. In all our work, he's never been irresponsible toward his family. He's always caring for his elderly mom and teenage daughter.

We're trained to look for densely populated community festivals where we may be able to do outreach. He told me he would have gone home and showered, and put on a nice shirt, had the Muslims told him he could join their festival.

James is active for Hemp farming rights and the Industrial Hemp Farming Act which is before congress. We've demonstrated signs for Hemp Legalization at Senator Portmans Office, The Cuyahoga ADAMHS board, and Cav's games. We have protested all over Cleveland, tens of thousands people have seen our cards or messages on our signs. We've spoken to so many on-duty police officers to share nutritional education with them, and they can attest that we're overwhelmingly a peaceful presence.

“This is an instance where even people of faith can see, he is enthusiastic about sharing something God-given, from these natural seeds and feel good foods that grow from the ground. It's hard doing what we're doing, the nutritional science can be academic and hard to follow. Many people would rather volunteer for Marijuana Legalization. There's not as many hemp for omega3 advocates with the patience to explain to people why we're careful to not cause overfishing by promoting Omega3s and fat balance strategies”

“I'm cognizant that as people who care about the healthy foods access, animals and the environment, we walk a fine line protesting the abuse and pollution while remaining law-abiding. We find ourselves asserting our rights and reaching out for more enrichment. James wasn't going to the mosque to protest. He was reaching out across cultural lines because there was a carnival there.

The police directing traffic did not hear james spew ethnic slurs. The proclivity in the media to sensationalize makes it even harder. I want to just extend my gracious comfort and well-wishes to the mosque members, and feel sorry that this scuffle in the parking lot made you feeling threatened or intimidated. I'm nervous half the time and don’t want ill-will from this situation as we move forward because I plan to be a character witness for James. I'm certainly interested in making peaceful offerings to preserve good relations that allow cultural interchanges.

We'd like to make clear why we fight for health knowledge anywhere, and how that has landed us in more than a few awkward situations. “It's silly and hard for me to believe that this a middle aged guy, nary even 140 lbs, meant any threat with his wood chopping axe, which was not on his person at the time of being apprehended. James is an open and honest guy who will open himself up to mental health evaluations. To think that one neighbor-guy was going to terrorize 5000 people of Muslim faith with his car and axe is pretty outlandish. And in fact no one was hurt except James who had his arms twisted by a police officer.

Furthermore, the police officers were on the street directing traffic and did not hear the conversation James had with 6-7 men he encountered helping people park. They said he was not welcome at the event and he was trying to leave. There was traffic in the lot and he literally maintained a speed of 5mph going thru a half circle of cones. HE was in such not a rush to leave, he was waiting to make a left, but only turned to the right into the cops because there was a lot less traffic that way. This is hardly the circumstance where an ethnic agitator would be trying to high-tail it away from the scene.

James is adored by Metro Hospital system nurses, doctors and Guidestone. The Cuyahoga ADAMHS board, where we have been active citizen lobbyists, must have only nice things to say about him. We plan to sample out seeds in more local businesses and don't want acrimony at Muslim-owned establishments. I respectfully ask those close to the mosque to really examine how ​threatening James was, and please for Parma police to come clean.

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