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Appealing to Cuyahoga Co Mental Health Professionals for Omega3 education in general

​Hi all! Here's the note sent to Cuyahoga ADAMHS board members several months ago. Sad to say we have recieved no proposals of their own for brain supportive nutritional wellness. Almost as though they dont understand why we are so excited and active for OMega3s. These potential leaders are whithering away our own potential to take care fo eachother as a society.

ADAMHS has yet to debut ANY omega balance commitments. In our Make a Presentation Section see the 10 minute appeal to Cuyahoga ADAMHS Board.

Date: Sun, Aug 9, 2015 at 6:19 PM Subject: omega-3 EFA education with Cuyahoga ADAMHS board To:,

Good Day Dr Sabet and Valeria! I'm super impressed with your accolades Dr Sabet :-) Many thanks for your service to mental health stability in Cuyahoga! My name is Jeremy Koosed, founding member of local grassroots network, Omega Fats Action Network.

My work is to identify ways to address omega-3 deficiency in the community, to help people get this essential fat if they have been missing out. This is a really big problem, as I have witnessed thru many years of working farmers markets & events for my Hemp seed Snack foods bakery. I've talked to hundreds of thousands of people about where they get Omega-3s and there's a real lack of education and interest. People just don't know how going without Omega3s is hurting them.

We have been working as a reminder initiative since october, directly broaching the subjects of fatty acid balance at public events and all over the internet, with banners and postcards, we promote vegan sources (flax chia hemp, walnuts, algal DHA, assorted veggies and fruits) out of concern for Ocean fisheries, and not wanting to stimulate demand for overfishing.

Reducing bad fats (junk omega-6 oils in processed foods) is also HUGE right now (to aim for balance)! There is great hope for ADAMHS to assist in Omega3 education and access in the community. There's a wonderful art therapy program. It would also be progressive and needed to have an "omega enrichment" program.

I understand you have been conferring with Valeria regarding the need for this sort of nutritional wellness education. So I need to follow up with you both. Someone's gotta do it there's no nutritional specialist currently serving on the board.

Please have a look at our most mainstream posters, and postcards. And we have slide presentations up on our site!give-a-presentation/c202j

Also Valeria, here are the electronic copies of the articles I brought to the last meeting "75% of American Diets Deficient in Omega-3s" Shape Magazine USDA looks at Omega3 for Depression nin the 2015 Dietary Guidelines

Can we discuss an appropriate response to Omega3 Deficiency? OFAN is trying to put up billboards, ads on busses, postcards out, PSAs on the radio, that sort of thing, decals for windows at merchants that carry dietary omega3s, better commitments from food service providers, that sort of thing.

I will gladly clear my schedule to work with ADAMHS, as this is an extremely exciting opportunity for local leadership on an issue that impacts us all.

Many other community agencies like the Foodbank and Hunger Network are engaged with or interested in expanding their roles in Omega3 Access and Education.

Thank you so much for your time, Have a blessed Day

_________________________________July presentation

____________________________August Presentation ​

Then followed up with a letter to another Mental Health professional who works for the regional health collaborative that oversees ADAMHS

To Dr Larua Brooks MHA Ohio :

Dear Laura, it was good to speak with you today. So glad to find you!!

I initially was looking into the Center for Health Affairs because of the spots on NPR saying researches the health affects of lack of access to healthy food. Food Security and nutritional wellness are BIG concerns for me and I'm always advocating for health leadership in one way or another.

But want to keep you and your colleagues abreast of our outreach and research related to the mental health benefits of Omega3s. I have been working for Omega3 education for over a year. We Started a website to convey the health benefits of fat-balance, and a sustainable responce to Omega3 deficiency so we do not exacerbate threats to marine life. The USDA and NPR are putting out info encouraging salmon and mackerel, so we support the plant sources (ALA EFAs).

Now is the time for Brainfood in our society with so much violence and heart attacks, and incredible diagnosis rates for depression and ADHD. People have heard about the heart health benefits and often think of omega-3 as a heart health supplement, usually from fish. The Mental Health benefits are not as well known, even though the science has become advanced.

I have presented to ADAMHS board about community response to Omega-3 deficiency. They do an art therapy program, Omega3 enrichment we feel is similarly productive and should not be left out of the culture of caring. Fat-balance coaching or bad fats reducing are the types of health initiatives MISSING from many clinical settings. We believe the science indicates it would help in psych wards and after-care programs. Walnuts, Flax seeds, even winter squash and greens have some beneficial fatty acid profiles.

I am really desperate for Doctors and Leaders to offer some guidance to Mental health professionals. I sent this attached email to ADAMHS board. Right now we are waiting on one Dr, Dr Sabet, for ADAMHS to resolve that anything be done in their centers. We suggest an omega-overview activity that advises getting some vegan Omega3s in your diet and Issues a bad-fats warning. Can you help ADAMHS resolve to do something? The latest talk I gave to them is up on the web.

We want this to be a good thing!! Media contacts are interested. Can your colleagues give me feedback on the attached image promoting flax seeds?

Thank you so much!

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