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Review Threats to Marine Life & Cheer Plant Omega3s!

Take with us, a deep dive of discovery showing threats to ocean life are piling up. We should not be stimulating demand for fish in anyway given these circumstances!

THREATS to fish because of fishing:

1) overwhelmingly extensive Overfishing. Many species are 80-90% whiped out

2)Illegal Fishing,


4)Ghost nets.

Acute abuses of Dolphins and whales that grab the public's attention here and there. Like Sea World campaigning, Justified outrage over Faroe Islands. These specific human induced abuses are taking up activist concern, making it harder to organize a pro-plant response to Omega3 deficiency.

Environmental Treats to Marine Life:

1) Ocean Acidification & Coral Bleaching

2) Manure and fertilizer causing deadzones ie Gulf Of Mexico

3) Fukishima Disaster, BP disaster, accidents related to fossil fuels.

4) Ocean Garbage, Photo-degrading mico-plastics and plastic beads from cosmetic products (at least it's in the spinning Guyres can be found as a place to start clean up

5) Mercury, PCBs, Heavy metals, and assorted fat-soluble pollutants are changing repdoductive lives of fish, making them sick, and contributing to our neurological disorders and adding to body-burden of toxics in Humans

BUT WE MUST HOLD OUT HOPE, Take Action for cheering on SOLUTIONS!

As a Pro-Hemp, Pro-Plant #Brainfood fan-club and advocacy group, we'd like to support Ocean Conservation efforts such as Clean-ups, sancturaries, even "sustainable fisheries" certification programs with our network. But, before doing so, we ask that the Oceans Conservation groups please JOIN US in advocating a PRO-PLANT response to omega3 deficiency (including Omega3 education green jobs and access initiatives) and RESTORATION of Hemp Farming rights. We have to get particular about ALL THE STEPS able to help stabilize a HUGE situation!

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