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Why push for Medical Cannabis all over

Omega Fats Action Network stands for the pro-plant response to omega3 deficiency. Don't get us wrong. However, patients advocates for medical Marijuana confront many of the same problems that we do, so we are strongly allied, and lots to learn from eachother. We have decided to dedicate some of our organizing time to SAFE ACCESS to MEDICAL Cannabis for the following great reasons:

1) Vast majority of Public opinion supports making MMJ available. This is a popular cause and anything WE can do to endear ourselves to the public, get on anyones radar, is good for awareness around omega3s in general. We graciously appreciate the commendation for our efforts

2) We all want Green Jobs in the PTSD recovery, ours for Omega3 Education and MMJ community to be growing and supplying head trauma survivors.

3) Both movements believe strongly in natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals and even see this as an environmental issue given the unknown impacts pharma drug residues have on our waterways.

4) We both Want JUSTICE and Rights to grow (Hemp for Omega3 superseeds, and pot for medicinal bud) WITHOUT STIGMA. Botany honored as SACRED in society!

5) This is a struggle and when OFAN plans our pro-omega3 speakout at the Mental health Services Boards, farming rights actions and green jobs rallies at the Senators offices, we'd like a crowd therefore welcome medical cannabis fans to demonstrate along side with us.

6) Endocannabinoid system is little understood. We have been confronting the learning curve on Omega3s for some time and want these issues coming to a climax where mainstream orgs start helping supply our information and endorse our policy frameworks.

7) We want to develop leaders in medical profession.

8) OFAN wants to get the Cannabis Fans who are busy pushing for legal weed to join our work stopping overfishing and advance brain-supportive pro-plant menus. There's myriad other pressing causes. The sooner we knock out legalization, the more activists will have some time to help on the fronts were we are sorely missing fighters.

So I feel damn near married to the Medical Pot Movement and I feel good about helping anyone get some comfort at this time.

We are occupying a different non-profit angle than The Hemp Industries Assoc. which stops short of working for weed. We wholly participate in HIA and Vote Hemp effort to demand a distinct non-drug definition for Hemp in federal law, so consumers have the best information and everyone is confident proceeding with growing and consuming Hemp Seed. This is a non-drug food with no psychoactive affects, no chance of causing a failed drug test, and 100% safe for all ages. It's only just that we eliminate stigma and clear up confusion.

OFAN simply sees the need to pool your efforts and help each other out at this time. The Healing is so valuable we must focus on it.

Legislative alert on MMJ: Ask Senators to co-sponsor the CARERS Act S683 and House Member to cosponsor HR1538. This will move Marijuana forward, out of the life-afacing, oppressive Schedule 1 & onto Schedule 2. Shoring up states rights to carry out Medical programs for Safe Access. Your Reps Co-sponsorship is essential because it means adequate representation for public opinion which is pro weed in general these days. We are especially hard hit in Ohio with acute restrictions on our rights so we want the Patients rights and want Hemp Farming and MMJ access activists. TEAMING UP for RIGHTS DEMOS.

See if your Reps are co-sponsors yet. Keep up with the Senate Bill:

See our Letter to Editor Pressing US Senator Portman to support Medical Cannabis to Mitigate the Opiate Disaster.

PRINT SOLIDARITY POSTERS designed by OFAN, display in windows, at actions, in photos for sending to leaders!

OFAN PLACARDS includes MMJ and Round up, for viewing on google-slides:

for printing from G-drive

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