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Fat-Balancing, VEGAN O-3 Menu w/ Relevant theme tag-lines

Hemp Action Week Planning Pizza and Beer

Fiber Promoting Lentil soup

Animal Dignifying carrot soup

North Coast Manure mitigating kitchen sink salad

Cannabis Liberating Hemp Mylk Berry polar pop

Natural Wellness Affirming Tahini Dressing

Cops brainfood Reminding Donuts!

Omega-Enriching No-Bake Chia-Apple-cashew butter chewey coconut pureed dehydrated macaroons w/ currants

Menu-Adjusting strawberry hempseed parfait

Healthy Snacks food-aid FUNDING Flax oil fudgey truffle

Cancer Warning Veggie Dog

Cleansing Fats Class teaching Hummus

Dietary diversifying Oatmeal with chia, hemp and goji.

Animal husbandering sauerkraut balls

Bridge Building Sweet potato-beet fritters

#Vegislation Passing glazed donut

Menu-Strategizing Tofu tots

BAD FATS Slaying Guacamole

Comprehensive PTSD Curing Rainbow tortilla

Omega Balance Challenging

Non-GMO Round up fighting cabbage rolls

Harmonic Sounding Gravy

Rainbow enbrigtenment enticing

Hempseed Snacktionating

Green-Jobs Rallying sweet potatoes

brainfood in the psych wards cheering!

emissions reducing cucumber salad w/ hemp n sesame

Carbon Sequestering organic oat apple crisp, with Chia

Not Overfishing jet propoltion smoothie

Not Overmedicating whole grain toast

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