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Planning your Marijuana rights Rally. Green Jobs and Justice in Pain Management Platform!

In addition to demonstrating for OCEAN CONSERVATION and Hemp Farming rights,Green jobs is another huge area of advocacy. See our calendar page, for actions supporting Medical Marijuana AND Omega3 under the umbrella of GREEN JOBS in Comprehensive PTSD recovery! We've blogged before WHY our Not-Fishing-for-Omega3s group is active for Medical cannabis. Now for an updated framework on what sort of coalitions can be built to tackle this

Protest intransigent Health policies!

Who: Connect Underemployed holistic healers, salad-farming greenhouse-builders, whole plant marijuana smokers and patients rights allies UNITE for Green Jobs in the Mental Health/PTS recovery!!

WHAT: Take Up medical marijuana patients rights (Reschedule/Reschedule : CARERS Act/Bernie’s bill) and Hemp Farming act (S134). Senators are the main people we want co-sponsoring our rights and putting a place for our cherished botany in their bills. Lobby Mental Health leaders for inclusion of Omega-3 Edu in conjunction with 500M Mental Health OverHaul Obama and Congress have indicated they are prepared to spend in response to gun violence.

Background AMMO to use in bridge building with potential Action organizing partners: OFAN Note to Mental health Professionals →

OFAN Note to Rep Murphy, sponsor of Major mental health legislation:

Letter to the Editor calling out US Senator for not supporting Medical Cannabis to alternate away from Opiate Painkilling

Sen Elizabeth Warren Statements on Medical Marijuana needed to alternate from Opiates.


We are here to help. We have STICKERS, PLACARDS, BUTTONS, and Hempseed samples for your events building pressure on those in the way of our green jobs and comprehensive healing. Email with your needs!

Here's some POSTERS for Medical Marijuana movement. Feel free to take these and block over sections with your own local details.

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