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Key Reports for policy wonks to pour-over

To better Outreach to key players, we need to get reviewing the Same documents they are reviewing. Clicking "Ctrl F" opens up the search box, especially useful in large docs like cumbersome USDA guidelies report!

For General Eco-Foodies:

2015 USDA Dietary Guidelines report

USDA Let's GLEAN Report: How to go about limiting FOOD WASTE, the legalities & Importance of donate salvaged.expired-but-still good food

Cleveland Clinic Wellness current grand-rounds on tape. Take a couple half hours to take in Talks titles Meatless Monday, Plant-Based, and Standard American Inflammatory

Meat Free MONDAY

MM Ask for restaurants

MM Action steps

MM HSUS Toolkit for Hospitals

MM Toolkit K-12 Schools

September's Brainfood-Farmers newsletter: If you'd like to go over this website subject matter in a newsletter kinda feel:

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