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Positive responses from RNC + Dem convention.

We brought our campaigns to both political conventions!! Here's our highlights on how it went!

Before the RNC, the first GOP primary debate at Q-arena was a HUGE event for our making impressions. Many officers around Gov Kasich saw and heard me following after his entourage on my bullhorn shouting "We need you statements on climate resiliency in AG, health recommendations in Police reform!" We were nicer than the guys shouting for social conservatives ranting about end of days nonsense.

RNC: This convention brought thousands of conservatives to our home-turf, Cleveland. For a solid 30 hours of the week we were on street corners and public square, handing out fliers and hempseeds to GOPS and the general public. We engaged hundreds of people and no-doubt thousands saw our banners. Delegates within earshot heard "contact our reps for the Hemp Farming act, Get co-sponsors for Rand Paul and Mitch Mcconnel's bill!"

We got near universal positive responses to our issue-positions. No one really tried to argue with us that Hemp wasn't healthier than hot dogs. We talked to a handful of hardcore prohibitionists who were anti hemp. But in our convo, we found them mostly fearful of weed, confused and conflating hemp with weed. While we were trying to talk about salada and smoothies, they were talking about the whole world getting high. It was not terribly productive but we got the last word.

The GOPs nearly passed Hemp farming in their platform, it came closer to passing than ever before, so some allies were sharing their excitement with me on that. We made surprising connections above the political fray, across the aisle so-to-speak, but still found GOPs difficult to engage, as disinterested in health and eco-agriculture issues as much as the general public or more. Here's short video where I accidentally say Cuyahoga county won't go Blue. Otherwise cool video!

DNC: Made it for last day of the DNC in Philly, demonstrating all afternoon by the MSNBC plaza, close to Independence hall.

Our demonstration banners were so popular, lots of sympathizers stopping for free Hemp seeds, stickers, and finding out more about #ActOnFats. Folks got in pictures and we demo'd half naked (for extra attention) in the pouring rain.

That night outside the convention zone, we did visibility for Meat Free Monday and the Vegislation, both high priority for dem leadership. Cars and Bernie demonstrators leaving the convention honked and cheered me on for 3-4 hours.

After the DNC I spent a few days in the Lehigh valley sampling out seeds, putting up signs in Allentown, Bethlehem, Hellertown. Made this video to the Trump family about Banning carcinogenic herbicide, Round Up!

Overall, We did not reach the leaders and press agents we need, or make the headway on our issues we needed to.

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