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Summer of Counter Demo @ Rib Fests

We really had something ready, however small and indie for all these events:

Berea, Parma Strongsville: Cleveland's wave of rib fests starts early.

In Parma, we were pushed off the right of way/sidewalk in front of Tri-C Campus, told it was private property! They offered to arrest me and I would have considered letting them had there been more witnesses. Basically we left fliers on cars and demostrated in front for a total of a few hours the first day. Day 2 we stayed closer to an intersection not directly in front of ribfest, the cops did not descend on me.

I'll never forget telling the cops “what are you doing to protect the great lake?” and her saying “everyday”. She called in reinforcements and they threatened to get me on parking in construction zone too even tho a lot of cars were in this blocked off strip of road.

In Berea, At Cuyahoga Fairgrounds, we could not get anyone to demonstrate, This was early summer. But I stood out alone at the entrance on the first night, with the hemp for protein not hot dogs banner.

In Strongsville, Two advocates demonstrated on the second night, people coming and going were friendly enough, accepting info and hearing plea for vegan proteins. A Couple pics were tweeted out by partner network @AGProgressOH pleading for manure mitigation. Strongsville is one of the most conservative areas still in cuyahoga county and we still have any civil interactions and got banners seen by hundreds of car. ONly a handful of negative comments yelled. Bannered for several hours. Got signs up, no complaints to law enforcement that we know of.

ReTweet Hot dog cancer warning from this Demo

Missed Naperville llinois, Sorry Cheryl Crow!!

Columbus rib & jazz: Huge set up of rib trucks, stayed on and made allies, Stayed civil making some noticeable noise to a couple hundred folks, no one told me to scram.

Akron rib July 4th: The main Hemp and marijuana activist in a sea of Akron youth. Not all seeking ribs. It's hard to get people to stop but we had steady quality interactions, exhausted keeping signs up, yelling, handing out seeds and stickers in per