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Pollutants & objectionable scourges. Rally Against & Make Flash Cards!

December 26, 2017

This pollutants-list was generated off the top of my head at first, without consulting the California EPA hazards-list or American Cancer Society. When I catch wind of a hazard, I come here to list it, if they seem pervasive enough to really warrant concern.

I hope this compilation will help you focus on issues of redeeming social importance, learn to pronounce new words for holding intellectual conversations, come up with enviro rap songs, gain deeper understanding of how to defend collective wellbeing.


Herein lies great reasons to eat clean, live simply, go organic and low-impact!!! 

IT IS DEPRESSING and UPSETTING, but that's why we'll be blogging for GOOD THINGS Soon as well!  MLK is Gracing this blog with his reminders not to be silent, not about the things that matter. It's Better to say something in these life and death matters! 


1. Arsenic     2. Acetone    3. Antibiotic resistant bacteria From animal poop 

4. Benzene     5. Chlorine gas    6. Chromium carcinogen in H20  (Erin Brokovich issue)

7. CO2 greenhouse gas      8. Casein Carcinogen in Dairy

9. Coal Ash Waste (Carcinogenic dust made awful Brazilian Deadzone!)

10 Carbon Monoxide    11. Dirty Diesel particulate & Idle engines

12. depleted uranium    13. Dioxin      14. Dicamba Herbicide

15. Fluoride in tap-water        16. Round up Herbicide Gylphosate

17. Ground Level ozone    18. Fukushima cesium    19. Household Radon Cancer hazard   

20. Hexene petrol solvent in food processing   21. PCBs     22. MTBE gasoline additive   

25. Teflon (PFOA)    26. Processed meats cancer hazard 23. BPA Can liner   

24. Mercury And amalgam  dental fillings

27. Frack waste fluid (radioactive!!) 28. Manure/ phosphorus runoff

29. food waste/solid waste in general    30. Marine micro-plastic  31. LEAD   

32. Oil Spills and faulty clean up protocols ie corexit used in Gulf BP horizon spill

33. Pharma Drug Residues  34. Land mines (Such as in LAOS)

35. Chemical weapons anthrax & Sarin Gas  36. nitrogenous fertilizer runoff   

37. NeoNic pesticides killing bees  38. NO2 & SO2 Air pollutaiont

     39. phthalates a petrol derivative   

40.  Asbestos which is in talc in J & J baby powder

41. Methane greenhouse gas (Natural Gas, Landfill and CAFO sources!)

42. Chlorpyrifos, Malathion & organophosphate class of pesticides 

43. MSG & Aspartame & Artificial flavors/colors in processed foods

44. Acid mine drainage from coal  45. Legacy of DDT 

46. Hormones (allergenic in dairy & in meat from fear at slaughter) 

47. Sugar & Soda Acid-forming food making cancer grow

 49. Formaldehyde 

50. Ciggies & Tobacco

51. Discharges from slaughterhouses, a point source of toxic surface water pollution such as Hydrogen Sulfide     

52. GMO BT-toxin CORN sprayed w/ atrazine herbicide

53. chemtrails & geo-engineering 

54. Bovine growth hormone (rBGH) 

   55. EMF-Ray pollution from WiFi and Cell-towers         

56. Ethoxyquin (monsanto pollutant added to fish feed pellets)

57. Tar Sands energy development: polluting habitat killer 

58) Border wall construction killing wildlife refuges #SaveSantaAna

 59) sulfoxaflor - bee killing pesticide used on 16M acres of sorghum and cotton in 2018. 

60) Fluroquinolone (Cipro) Antibiotic produced by Bayer, causes massive neurotoxicity + psychosis


[Click here] for American Cancer society's extremely long list of Known & Probable Carcinogens 












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