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Marine vessels catching garbage NOT FISH! Plastics to fuel?

Akron's polyflow has been at the forefront of technology to assimilate all types of plastic in one stream during recycling. Breaking it down on the molecular level has been a priority for recycling. In this blog they discuss recovery of Oceanbound plastics for fuel in this blog!

OFAN Disagrees with their flawed sentiment that cleaning it up isn't necessary unless its feed stock for energy He says the microscopic plastic pieces which have photodegraded will just sink to the bottom as tho that's an innocuous outcome. This is not true it thretens live at all levels and must be contained.

Akrons vinyl karma is an irksome matter! Outside of the polymer science institute at Univ Of Akron the chihuly sculpture could represent blue shopping bags swirling in the ocean,

Now Boylan Slat Ocean clean up has gained so much support and may clean up the Pacific Garbage Patch by half in 5yrs.

Its up to North Americans to clean up the Carribean tho! This is where all our lives begin to have great purpose. We are needed reaching for this!!

Care for the Web of life!! Join the battle to clean up litter!

Sign up with the Litterbugz if you're in Cleveland, the social group for clean ups!! Form your own such club!

Use Re-usable containers.

Limit plastic bag use.

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