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Avoiding Lead Sources Other than Paint & Shoe dirt

Steel is Emitting Large amounts of Lead & So are Jets Flying overhead. Folx near airports are at greater risk of having lead on their shoe dirt bcuz of LEADED AV-Gas! Airborne sources of Lead are extremely Troubling. At Least when its in an old house u can see the signs or paint chipping & act accordingly.

Lead Is Affecting Mental Health by attacking our neurological pathways. Mittal Steel plant in Burns Harbor IN, is a scourge of the Great Lakes, emitting a ton more Lead than any other point source. several fold more. Something HAS to be Done.

Brainfoodies Recommend Joining National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week #LPPW2020 to get ready to Resist these Lead Emissions

Arm Yourself w/ knowledge With these Primers:

Federal Aviation Administration FAA Factsheet on Leaded Jet Fuel, updated 11/20/2019 :

Scientific American Article 11/3/2012 "Does Continued use of Leaded Jet Fuel pose danger to Public Health"

Chicago Tribune 8/18 Report on Mittal Steel's Indiana Plant Largest Point Source Lead-emitter in the great lakes region BY FAR

Making a difference with peoples movements in Cleveland FOR Lead-Safe Housing Advocacy