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Ethylene Oxide Poison Gas & Polysorbate

Big Pharma and Agri-biz Scandals converge with Polysorbate-GATE. Processing this synthetic ingredient releases Ethylene Oxide gas (EtO), a Known Carcinogen recognized as a "Class 1" potent hazard by WHO. Grassroots organizations in Several "cancer cluster" communities, beset by elevated cancer rates are fighting this hazard and demanding clean air. This blog is for them and the children who are at greatest risk to the DNA damage!!

This DNA Damaging + Mutagenic gas is used during the sterilization of med. supplies. It's Unsafe to transport too. Over 700 lawsuits filed in Lake County, IL against Medline, Sterigenics and Vantage. These facilities unleash ILLEGAL levels of ETO.

There was a scare in 2020 that EtO Was being used to sterilize N95 Masks. We still DON'T KNOW how much ETO was used for this purpose but every use should be carefully scrutinized. We commend Ohio-based Battelle corp for created a PPE sterilization process without EtO. The "COVIDiocy" of using ETO gas on PPE must be exposed + the perps. brought to justice!

SCREENSHOTS from an Email from Stop Eto Lake County!!!

ONTO POLYSORBATE: this additive is all over the place. including Isopure Protein drinks, essential oil based body care lines employing it to suspend particles evenly. It is completely chemically treated. We are still guinea pigs, unsure how severe the reaction is. But OFAN is also concerned about ETO released from the PSBate-20-60-80 facilities, and looking out for the environmental justice there.

Polysorbate should not be Confused with POLYETHYLENE GLYCOL (PEG), an additive in Moderna and Pfizer Covid Vaccines. PEG is a petroleum derivative marketed shamelessly as a laxative.


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