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safe space for Boycott Speech! Progressive Boycotts!!


1. Coca-Cola for Human Rights abuses: Search "Did coke hire death squads in Colombia"

2. Nestle for taking More water than they are allowed out of California wilderness. The only nestle brand I support is Garden of Life becuz of their organic commitments!

3. Apple Air-Pods/bluetooth ear-pods. causing radiation frequencies in the brain.

4. FD&C Dyes & their "Lake" dyes incl Blue 1, Green 3, Yellow 5 Red 40 etc, Polyethylene Glycol, Mineral oil & TBHQ for being PETROLEUM-derived. Keep it in the Ground and Out of your gut, off your skin & cells!

5) Drinks like Bang that combine Sodium Benzoate w/ VitaminC (ascorbic acid) their reaxn produces benzene in unsafe levels!

6) Shark Cartilage Shark Liver oil, incl viviscal hair pills. Shame on Solgar, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, and Vitacost for having store brands of shark cartilage.

7) polysorbate 20-60-80 for being processed from GMO Sorbitol and ethylene oxide in a chemical ethoxylation process that releases dioxone.

8)Walmart, at least until Bernie's demands are met.

9) McDonalds and KFC for perpetuating health problems even worse in India where they are spiking foods w/ awful concentrations of junk oils sugar and salt. see "global junk food" on YT

10) Arby's too pro meat and marketing meat as manly!

12) Verizon - Towers in residential areas are hazardous.

13) Titanium Dioxide - white color additive shown to be DNA-Damaging! Pills & coated tablets effected.

14)Sucralose (splenda), Aspartame, Acesulfame-potassium, artificial sweeteners

15) Artificial Flavors including butter flavor diacetyl in microwave popcorn implicated in brain damage and Alzheimers!

16) Cargill Tyson till they fully divest from CAFOs and rainforest destroying soy animal feed for the CAFO supply chain

17 US Foods for facilitating Rib Fests, the festival that wastes the most antibiotics, and created hazardous air and water pollution from manure lagoons.

18u) Bayer products like Claritin 1-a-day vitamins and Aleve. Bayer bought monsanto merging the maker of Neo-Nic pesticides + w/ Roundup/Glyphosate Herbicide, killing bees and monarchs. # SavetheBees!