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Trans Rights Matter! Activist Statement

Approaching this thoroughly is important for my health blog as an out gay cisgender guy, ally to gender non conforming and trans folx. I have long been fascinated by androgyny, basically my whole adult life and knew i was gay since kindergarten. I see adherence to strict gender binary to be antiquated and dangerous residues of patriarchy.

I know trans folx who have worked to Pass as their determined gender, we are all distantly related to a gender-queer fluid-poly they-pronoun Human. I "get" Oberlin, ohio's "Gender-Fuck" Party but never attended. Its very important that we be free to express our level of conformity or non-conformity. People also have a right to Make their Own Bed and Lay in It.

I don't doubt that theres people who regret a "gendered" experience in their lives but c'est la vie. We all live with some regrets. Their unhappiness doesn't obstruct the opportunities of the next person. in these private intimate arenas, its quality of life, tolerance, and equal treatment that matters to me. The ppl who are happy with their transition need to be heard as well as those who are not.

As With all Pharma Interventions, there are risks, pros and cons. We are the First to Scrutinize and blow the whistle on unsafe procedures. Our page has posted about over 75 different pollutant scourges incl. Silicon breast implants & related toxicity/malady, tanning bed related melanoma, cirproflox antibiotics injury "floxxed", overuse of saline fluid inducing kidney failure, prozac and anti-depression pharma drugs inducing brain damage, NSAID / IBUPROFEN related Heart attack and kidney failure, Artifical Food Dye related ADHD/cognitive impairment/ behavioral panic/anxiety/tantrums. and the LIST GOES ON...

We are certain that risks of puberty blocking or hormones are there and should be carefully considered to minimize as much damage as possible. As with plastic surgery, tattoos, piercings and body modification, there's a free will imperative that can put our worries at ease. These scenarios are better becuz some1 is using their own free will to peruse this, seeking some perceived benefit. So its already BETTER than lots of Hazardous Disease inducing scourge/pollutants that people are UNWITTINGLY exposed to (ETO, BPA, PBDE, Arsenic Lead Etc)

Taking all this Context, Yes TransGender medications may wind up on our Toxins to Avoid list but they are not going to be in the top 50. Adverse reactions serve to warn the rest of us and we can be guided by the data.

I support folx's rights to affirm + Assert their preferred pronouns,

I support Folx's rights to clothing and hair style as long as its social-conscious, made with fair trade vegan ingredients - No fur or leather, fast fashion, glitter or shark liver oil squalene in Make-up)

I Believe Hate Crimes against transgender individuals deserve a special strict prosecution classification.

I Support Anti-lynching Bills, the Equality Act, and bringing SICK killers to Justice.

Bullying Must stop. PPL Deserve Safe and equitable bathroom accommodations and i hope that include private stalls so ppl will not be bullied. There could possibly be 3 or 4 changing rooms and for Trans Bodies to gain favorable access to bathroom keys.

I was Bullied in Highschool in the gym locker room and it really messed up my mental state & anguish at the time. I knew i needed to make it and be strong. I tried so hard to be quiet if I thought my GAY-Body language or voice could be detected, the making fun would start. I finally started stopping fearing that in 2001 when i came out and landed at a Hippie Accepting community in Athens Ohio. I needed the gay groups as a safe space to land when i had to choose between a frat life with hegemonic masculine pressures to chase/conquer "PUSSY" VS Out life that wouldnt be easy, but at least I needed to try and be authentic. I don't confide in most people about my intimate life. It may take me weeks or years for it to come up. I am still concerned with acting str8 when around masculine guys.

So in the debate on how to approach kid's need for gender-affirming body modifications or transition hormone prescriptions, I agree theres room for it to be dicey. It's inherently a delicate private matter. It's called your private parts for a reason. Lets say a boy is tempted to castrate himself? It's a scenario anyone would dread.

Ultimately People only have one life to lead. And if you make mistakes you have to deal with it.

This Brings us to Athletics. IN this arena we support the teams staying CIS, and training trans athletes outside of the official competitions, giving them special priority for Ref positions to be of value in their field. Because the appearance of impropriety, there's a prevailing supposition that bodies who developed male for even a short period of time, exhibit body composition differences to cis-females. I would Love to support Opportunities for all Athletes equally but these teams come with Strict Rules and if the awars have been Cis-Based for so long, its akin to moving the goalpost. women have another variable capable of complicating their pursuits. Female Fighter and HempSeeds for Breakfast Champ Ronda ROusey Delves into it here:

We've read Tulsi Gabbards Twitter when she introduced bills related to this. It appears the ANTI's have an edge & that people are offended by Trans Lives intruding on Women's Institutions, taking away titles from cis-women.

Even though we support recognizing trans women as their preferred names and pronouns, the validation they seek from a sport team is different than other social courtesies. its asking the institutions to bend the rules. and its just silly to be so cutthroat competitive. or find events where women and men are interspersed in an activity.

We Don't agree with the Fear that you are more likely to be attacked in a bathroom by a transgender person.

Every1 deserves a chance to take spinning classes, skiing or Marching band, yoga and dance, arenas that are physical exertion, but not brutally competitive.


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