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O, the many redeeming benefits of adequate dietary Omega-3!

Most studies are on fish sources, but you can glean from nutrition science that ALA (plant omega3) is heart healthy, & as an Essential omega3, our brain can use it in ways to facilitate things omega-6 won't.

"Advanced chain" omega-6 GLA: contributes to skin & nails vibrancy, an asset lowering arthritis joint inflammation in similar fashion that EPA Omega3 will!

SDA Omega-3 for metabolic assistence, Hempseed has a small amount, AHI FLOWER- newly discovered concentrated source!

MCT coconut + Mono-unsaturated avocado & olive = great for energy + satiety.

FOR SURE: Partially Hydrogenated oils reverses BENEFITS! 

Mercury in Fish can also CANCEL BENEFITS!

Heat degrades Omega-3 quality. Avoiding excess Omega-6 & Saturated fats while catching up on CLEAN Omega-3s comes with NOTICEABLE benefits you will FEEL. Enjoy a FABulous journey to Fatty Acid Balance!

Don't just work in Omega-3, avoid toxins that tank attention, IQ, & memory.

Pollution is Fat Soluble, limit Fish & avoid dioxin in animal foods

Pesticide residue on produce: Dirty Dozen list

Omega−3 fatty acid and ADHD: Blood level analysis and meta-analytic extension of supplementation trials

Ongoing public and scholarly interest in the relevance of omega−3 fatty acid supplementation for ADHD mandates further study. Here, we followed up recent meta-analyses of supplementation trials with (a) a first meta-analysis of blood levels and (b) a refined and updated meta-analysis of intervention trials with a larger pool of studies and participants than previously examined. Study 1 found that children with ADHD, in fact, do exhibit lower blood levels of omega−3 fatty acids. 




conventional-grown peppers, asparagus, cilantro (they test high for Chrlopyrifos Dow's nerve agent pesticide), 


ALUMINUM deoderant 

ARTIFICIAL colors+flavors


Supplementation with Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Psychiatric Disorders: A Review of Literature Data


A new application for omega-3 fatty acids has recently emerged, concerning the treatment of several mental disorders. This indication is supported by data of neurobiological research, as highly unsaturated fatty acids (HUFAs) are highly concentrated in neural phospholipids and are important components of the neuronal cell membrane. They modulate the mechanisms of brain cell signaling, including the dopaminergic and serotonergic pathways.

Read complete NIH 2016 Review

essential fats vs. depression

Cognitive and physiological effects of Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid supplementation in healthy subjects...


The mood profile was improved after Omega-3 with increased vigor and reduced anger, anxiety and depression states. Read More Here

Improves Heart Health  

Omega-3 fatty acids can stabilize Cardiovascular Disease risk in the following ways, research suggests:


  • decrease risk for arrhythmias (irregular heartbeat), which can lead to sudden cardiac death.

  • decrease risk for thrombosis (blood clotting), which can lead to heart attack and stroke.

  • decrease triglyceride and remnant lipoprotein levels.

  • decrease rate of growth of the atherosclerotic plaque.

  • improve endothelial function.

  • (slightly) lower blood pressure.

  • reduce inflammatory responses.




Better Immunity

Hemp nut has 

immune supportive minerals

& easy to digest edestin protein 

our bodies use to make antibodies. Supports immunity in the right way to suppress Tuberculosis

DHA gives mice enhanced activity of B-cells that facilitates certain antibiody production 






FLAX is Key source for dietary lignans: 7x higher in this antioxidant than sesame seeds. Anti-inflammatory action of flax reduces oxidative stress, lowering key risk factors for cancer development. 

Plants For Clean Fats

Renewable & Sustainable: better for us & the planet

There's a lot of illegal fishing and ocean garbage threatening fish so even recommending "sustainable seafood" may stimulate demand for seafood in general, and we would not want to risk contributing to biodiversity loss or inflicting PAIN. It's not necessary to eat fish in order to achieve favorable fatty-acid balance profiles, so we stress reliance on PLANTS to live in harmony. By supporting greater reliance on plants, we nurture an ancient connection to the land that fosters local self reliance in the countryside. Just as seaside villagers deserve to not have their fisheries decimated by commercial trawlers, having robust plant promotion in land-locked areas ensures availability of Essential Omega-3s.

USDA Looked into

omega3 + depression 

for guidelines report

[Shape magazine, 3/2015

Omega-3:6 balance 

plays essential role regulating inflammation

How to Optimize Your Omega-6 to Omega-3 Ratio


The thing is… Omega-6s and Omega-3s don’t have the same effects. Omega-6s are pro-inflammatory, while Omega-3s have an anti-inflammatory effect. Of course, inflammation is essential for our survival. It helps protect our bodies from infection and injury, but it can also cause severe damage and contribute to disease when the inflammatory response is inappropriate or excessive.

In fact, excess inflammation may be one of the leading drivers of the most serious diseases we are dealing with today, including heart disease, metabolic syndrome,diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, many types of cancer, etc. READ MORE HERE

Between 1:1 to 1:4


could be "Adequate" Omega3 to avoid O-3 deficiency related ailments, & balance inflammation.

Convetion says you can have 10-30% of

your calories from fat.

Folks on Dr Esselstyn's "Heart Attack proof" diet consider chronic-disease self-management keeping fat under 10% of calories and no extracted oils. 

Omega-9 is great but Omega-3s are more assuredly anti-inflammatory. Saturated MCT in coconut can be one of the most energizing fats. Let's say you want  all the benefits from fats in general, your intake could be healthy like: 

20% or less as Saturated, 20% Omega9 (Mono)

30% Omega3 (ALA DHA EPA SDA)

30% Omega6 (LA GLA)


Plenty of Omega6 + Saturated, 
deficient in Omega3.!
FAB RESPONSE: Go without Omega6 for several months, this allows
your cells to transfer out excess,
replacing some old lipids w/ EFAs your body can use in different ways.
Not Quite Adequate response:   taking a couple O-3 supplement pills a week, on top of bad-fat intake of standard American food-fare. 

Over 40 tutorial videos on Omega-3 EFA science is hosted by Dr. Greger @ 

Clarity &


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