Mission: Addressing Omega-3 deficiency without hurting marine life or making overfishing any worse 

In context of brain supportive nutritional wellness makes the case for Action on Fats. Help promote the functionality of plant sources of Omega-3s!



Seeking healthy fat intake is an imperative wellness objective with hundreds of potential benefits. We are a community of fatty acid balance advocates who see where dietary habits are weighted toward getting too much Omega-6 and not enough Omega-3.  NIH Fact Sheet for Health Professionals indicates people of all ages could benefit from modest O-3 intake.

As people find out more about the benefits, there's reason for concern that overfishing could get worse without adequate promotion of vegan Omega-3s.  After spending years talking to hundreds of thousands of folks while vending Hemp seed foods throughout Ohio, founding campaigner Jeremy Koosed, started bringing these themes together:  advocacy for nutritional solutions that benefit us all, ECO-FOODIE & Clean Eating style!


OFAN's overt commitment to relying on plant sources of Omega-3 is rooted in upholding these principles: 


1) Careful conservation of aquatic life: Because we are Advocating for Action on Fats, in a direction that seeks balanced ratios and adequate Omega-3s, we are conscious that in addressing Omega-3 deficiency, we don't want to contribute to further depletion of ocean life by stimulating demad for fish sources. 


2)Relative toxicity of Fish sources compared to seeds: Fat soluble pollutants and heavy metals like mercury found in fish make plants the right choice for clean fats. 

3) There's a lot of illegal fishing and ocean garbage threatening fish so even recommending "sustainable seafood" may stimulate demand for seafood in general, and we would not want to risk contributing to biodiversity loss or inflicting PAIN. It's not necessary to eat fish in order to achieve favorable/balanced fatty-acid profiles.

4) Abundance of junk omega-6 oils, including particularly nefarious Trans Fats,  factory farmed animal foods, it's easy to become Fatty Acid imbalanced. Greater awareness of Omega-3s ESSENTIAL NATURE is imperative to progress drawing down inflammatory illnesses and mental health disorders like Depression & ADHD. These are serious health issues directly impacting the physiological construction of our cell membranes.


By supporting greater reliance on plants, we nurture an ancient connection to the land that fosters local self reliance in the countryside. Just as seaside villagers deserve to not have their fisheries decimated by commercial trawlers, having robust plant promotion in land-locked areas ensures availability of Essential Omega-3s.





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Sign SumOfUs.com petition to CVS to stop overfishing for Omega-3 Krill oil:  It's throwing off an entire Antarctic food web!