Comprehensive PTSD Recovery - HOLISTIC OPTIONS!!

October 19, 2015

As OFAN organizer, Ive engaged in thousands of novel discussions on the subject of Hempseeds + heart/brain benefits of Omega3s.



This brainfoodie blog is being updated to detail my own unfortunate 1st hand head-trauma experience: On 12/26/16 i was pistol whipped by an unidentified skinny teenage black male in Cleveland at Euclid & E.80th in a parking lot next to the abandoned church steeple.

He'd snuck up on me and told me to kneel down. he didnt yell hate slurs or try to steal anything. I yelled DUDE NO when i saw my blood gushing out onto my passenger car seat. after at least 3 blunt force wounds to my head, made in the same spot, I only needed stitches. Luckily he stopped before cracking thru my skull. 


PTSD is a mental health scourge, I've researched many healing modalities and anti-depressants.  There's a lot of options to re-charge our stamina & stabilize trauma.  By promoting therapeutic activities and monitoring certain health-indicators, we can arm people with solid leads and restore hope that renewal and regeneration are possible.


ANYONE can and should use these leads to nurture your good attitude and boost confidence in the PATH to wellness and harmony. Gather your strength!


Health Indicators:

OMEGA FAT BALANCE- Aim for favorable fat balance ratio. Conventional wisdom recommends equal parts Omega3 and Omega6 and you sould be OK with 1:3-4 Omega3:Omega6. Reducing superfluous vegetable oils, trans fats, and saturated fats, replacing them with clean whole food sources is a great course of Action. ALA Omega3 #HempFlaxChia, Vegan DHA are both assets to brain-cell tissue you don't want to go without! Some folks on a heart attack proof diet advocate no added oil. If you're not responding to acute heart-disease risks its OK to get up to 20% of your calories from Fats. As long you have 3-6 balance, some omega9, you will limit inflammation and that is going to benefit your mood and lower stress. 

OFAN RECIPES make EFA balancing your diet easy!​


MINERALS- Trace Minerals are crucial in signalling between cell membranes. Magnesium is a common nutritional deficiency. Here's a report on it's brain benefits. IODINE is also an incredible asset to supplement. Kelp and potassium iodide sources are inexpensive. This is an asset in recovering from brain-damaging FLUORIDE, which we are exposed to in municipal water supplies. Zinc, Boron, Copper and Selenium are others noting to get in adequate amounts.


HORMONE Regulation - Wellness educators say they have a strategy for this. OFAN shared this article on plants that help.

EAT THE RAINBOW: Intact whole plant foods are the Feel Good ones! Freshness matters! Biodiversity does a body well!



Medical Pot: It's efficacy for anxiety is proven many times over. Veteran Suicide is lower in medical-pot states. Please ask US Senators to co-sponsor Decriminalzation with Sen Schumer, and Marijuana Justice Act with Booker. US HOUSE REPS can cosponsor Respect State Marijuana Laws Act for Rep Joyce's STATES act. These will move the plant forward, affirming states rights to carry out MMJ programs. Where to smoke? Try in Nature!! Its shown to reduce stress indicators just being in the forest for a short time

CBD Hemp Extract is an innocuous Cannabinoid, best known for stopping seizure disorders, gaining popularity for treating anxiety & ADHD. Useful in pain management, which is really important for PTS vets to have many alternatives to addictive opioids. Our endocannabinoid system uses the CBD, which is legal in all-states but Ohio. 

we recommend Hemp Fusion, Hemp Magik, and

Avoid toxins: ​over 70 on OFANs eco-scourge blog


​AVOID TRANS FAT at all cost:  Agri-biz giant Archer Daniels Midland & others produces this adulterated oil which KILLS by clogging arteries & inducing heart attack. Donuts and potato chips are often fried in partially hydrogenated oil (AKA artificial Trans Fats) despite FDA designation, finalized in 2015, that PH oil is NOT generally recognized as safe (Non-GRAS) for use in human food.  Not surprisingly, it's found to be brain-damaging. USA Today reports their link to memory loss. Dr Barnard, a brain-nutrition author, reviews research showing Trans Fat & excessive saturated fat causes alzheimers. You really don't want to mess with this unsafe food while you're attempting to recover from head-trauma and PTSD because it jacks-up braincells and can takeup to 6yrs to cleanse! If you see "hydrogenated" or "fully hydrogenated" it's not heart healthy, but not dangerous to nearly the same extent as PARTIALLY Hydrogenated.

FDA mandated companies phase out this bad-fat w/ a deadline of June 2018. In the mean time, there are no surgeon general warnings or restaurant disclosure laws to protect us, Arm youself with the Info you need to avoid the trap!


Protocol: You have to ASK at bakeries because it could be lurking in DONUTS, buttercream frosting, and danish-fillings. At stores, screen ingredient lists for Partially Hydrogenated OIL & the nutrition panel for Grams Trans fat. National brands Crisco & Fleischmanns are TF Free now, but contributed to the legacy of TF inside us, which cannot get worse. Dunkin & Tim Hortons are safe. Many small companies are still using this and need your complaints. Avoid Cajun Fries @ Popeyes Chicken, Duncan hines frosting, and don't buy potato chips online if the merchant does not disclose ingredients. 

OFAN Trans Fat Aversion Blog has indispensable guidance. 




AVOID LEAD exposure risks: Ohio Health Dept & US CDC lead prevention pages have plenty of insight. Clean up dust in our home! Take off shoes when you get in the house to stop spreading it!

Public health agencies are failing to warn about Kerosene & Leaded jet fuel. These are top causes of airborn lead, as reported in Scientific American, making proximity to airports a hazard.

In this reassuring 2008 video, Dr Hyman goes over how Lead threatens all ages. He recommends Vitamin D, C & Filtered water. We spotted fliers in Flint, MI plugging adequate calcium and iron. If you have elevated lead there are natural and pharma ways to cleanse.

Another naturalist healer, Ken Rohla of outlines myriad solutions to protect yourself from toxins like radiation and heavy metals. He goes over so many things in this presentation. Keep an open mind, even if you think chemtrails is mumbo-jumbo conspiracy, there's still plenty of redeeming solutions


Vitamins B, D & Exposure to Sunlight: Deficiency in these is common. You don't need winter depression on top of your PTSD so take advantage of Natural sunlight when you can. To be sure you're getting enough, take a multi-vitamin with B-complex & D-3. 


Several herbs & supplements are known to support mental clarity and cell regeneration, and combat depression.