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Comprehensive PTSD Recovery - HOLISTIC OPTIONS!!

TW, This brain-support blog is being updated to detail my own unfortunate 1st hand head-trauma experience:

On 12/26/16 i was pistol whipped by an unidentified skinny teenage male in Cleveland at Euclid & E.80th in a parking lot next to the abandoned church steeple.

He'd snuck up on me and told me to kneel down. He didnt yell hate slurs or try to steal anything. I yelled DUDE NO when i saw my blood gushing out onto my passenger car seat. After at least 3 blunt force wounds to my head, made in the same spot, I only needed stitches. Luckily he stopped before cracking thru my skull.

I've researched many healing modalities and anti-depressants which are worth a look managing PTSD. There's a lot of options to re-charge our stamina & stabilize.

By promoting therapeutic activities and monitoring certain health-indicators, we can arm people with solid leads and restore hope that renewal and regeneration are possible.

A veterans Health Advocate also emailed us to include a guide for vets!

Health Indicators:

OMEGA FAT BALANCE- Aim for favorable fat balance ratio. Conventional wisdom recommends equal parts Omega3 and Omega6 and you sould be OK with 1:3-4 Omega3:Omega6. Reducing superfluous vegetable oils, trans fats, and saturated fats, replacing them with clean whole food sources is a great course of Action. ALA Omega3, Vegan DHA are both assets to brain-cell tissue you don't want to go without! Some folks on a heart attack proof diet advocate no added oil. If you're not responding to acute heart-disease risks its OK to get up to 20% of your calories from Fats. As long you have 3-6 balance, some omega9, you will limit inflammation and that is going to benefit your mood and lower stress.

OFAN RECIPES make EFA balancing your diet easy!​

MINERALS- Trace Minerals are crucial in signalling between cell membranes. Magnesium is a common nutritional deficiency. Here's a report on it's brain benefits. IODINE is also an incredible asset affirmed by brain health experts. Kelp and potassium iodide sources are inexpensive. This is an asset in recovering from brain-damaging FLUORIDE, which we are exposed to in municipal water supplies. Zinc, Boron, Copper and Selenium are others noting to get in adequate amounts.

HORMONE Regulation - Wellness educators say they have a strategy for this. OFAN shared this article on plants that help.

EAT THE RAINBOW: Intact whole plant foods are the Feel Good ones! Freshness matters! Biodiversity does a body well!

Medical Cannabis It's efficacy for anxiety is proven many times over. Veteran Suicide is lower in medical-pot states. Please ask US Senators to co-sponsor Decriminalzation with Sen Schumer, and Marijuana Justice Act with Booker. US HOUSE REPS can cosponsor Respect State Marijuana Laws Act for Rep Joyce's STATES act. These will move the plant forward, affirming states rights to carry out MMJ programs. Where to smoke? Try in Nature!! Its shown to reduce stress indicators just being in the forest for a short time

CBD Hemp Extract is an innocuous Cannabinoid, best known for treating seizure disorders, gaining popularity against anxiety & ADHD. Useful in pain management, which is really important for PTS vets to have many alternatives to addictive opioids. Our endocannabinoid system uses the CBD,

PLEASE Message to inquire about our selection of discounted CBDs. We cannot sell our surplus on EBAY due to restrictions by the platform.

Avoid toxins: ​over 70 listed on OFANs eco-scourge blog

AVOID TRANS FAT: Partially Hydrogenated oil KILLS by clogging arteries & inducing heart attack. Although the FDA mandated companies phase out this bad-fat from recipes by June 2018, it has STILL BEEN FOUND LURKING in FOODS. Donuts and potato chips were frequently fried in partially hydrogenated oil despite FDA designation, finalized in 2015, that PH oil is NOT generally recognized as safe (Non-GRAS) for use in human food. It's found to be brain-damaging. USA Today reports their link to memory loss. Dr Barnard, a brain-nutrition author, reviews research showing Trans Fat & excessive saturated fat causes alzheimers. You really don't want to mess with this unsafe food while you're attempting to recover from head-trauma and PTSD. If you see "hydrogenated" or "fully hydrogenated" it's not heart healthy, but not dangerous to nearly the same extent as PARTIALLY Hydrogenated.

In this reassuring 2008 video, Dr Hyman goes over how Lead threatens all ages. He recommends Vitamin D, C & Filtered water. We spotted fliers in Flint, MI plugging adequate calcium and iron. If you have elevated lead there are natural and pharma ways to cleanse.

Vitamins B, D & Exposure to Sunlight: Deficiency in these is common. You don't need winter depression on top of your PTSD so take advantage of Natural sunlight when you can. To be sure you're getting enough, take a multi-vitamin with B-complex & D-3.

Several herbs & supplements are known to support mental clarity and cell regeneration, and combat depression. Turmeric Gets 5 Stars against Depression.

Others to stack on include: Bacopa, huperzine, Acetyl L carnitine, GABA, MACA, MSM, Yohimbe, Ashwaghanda, Ginkgo, cognizin citocoline, cats claw, Motherwort, Hordenine. Mushrooms like Chaga, Reishi, Cordyceps, and lions mane. Algal DHA, MCT oil, phospholipids from Lecithin Phosphatidyl Serine, L-tryptophan, L-Dopa Bean, Methyl folate, choline & inositol.

Anti-inflammatory foods! When inflammation goes up, irritability often comes with it. Ward off the excess stress, weave folk healers like tumeric, ginger, green tea, garlic, broccoli, pomegranate, & super-seeds into real-food diet.

Apple cider vinegar, lemon water, & probiotics: There's something going on with these assets to our vitality. Your microbiome can determine several aspects to your recovery. micro-dose these cuz too much apple cider vinegar can cause oral/throat issues.

OIL PULLING - could capture pollution if its fat soluble, if not its at least good for oral health

Orgonite: LOOK UP Orgone, it's a metaphysical art phenomenon employing quartz crystals which get encased in resin with metal shavings. Hardened resin puts pressure on the crystal and somehow this creates a vehicle for EMF rays to transmit THRU the device, calming the affect they have on us. Cell phone towers, Cell phones, WIFI devices give off EMF. It can affect you and your cells. Sleuth online to learn to make your own. Shungite Mineral is also rumored to facilitate the same energy harmonization..

Doggies and companion animals: so cute, natural connection is ancient, help people feel more at ease. Some studies exist on this, lets find a way to incorporate more!

House Plants & Flowers: Their simple presence is shown to have multiple positive affects on health markers and clean the air. Find 9 here

Natural Activities connect us to ancient cycles: These provide good context and grounding for your renewal to occur. As our bodies repair and replenish our cell membrane lipid layers with adequate Omega-3s from Hemp Flax Chia Algae DHA, several fruits & veggies, our soul is similarly enriched by activities which are harmless and harmonious. PEACEFUL walks, gardening, composting, hiking & birding. Look up Earthing and how walking barefoot nurtures some ancient chemistry. Advocate for your own comprehensive access to nature.

Service Projects: Giving Back is a natural high. Working for things we belive in correlates with longevity. Lets find this sense of purpose! Food Not Bombs is a great grassroots undertaking. Salvaging vegetarian food, cooking together, taking donations around, it's a great service and build camaraderie. Find Brain-supportive ways to give back (become a seed sampler?) See our TAKE ACTION SECTION!

Renew vacant urban lots! Get sober fun going for the ADHD kids, build brainfood recipes library's to promote to the mental health board.

Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation

FITNESS Get some! It's shown to work against depression. The Surgeon General recently issued a National Call for more walking.

Traditional Sweat Lodge: NowThis covered the trend of PTS vets in CO finding refuge and comfort in this traditional practice. We thank these tribes for bringing their harmonic ceremony into service and hope it dovetails with green jobs efforts can enhance quality of life

Dancing/Parties - Plan your own with songs from our mood elevating mix blog!

Massage therapy & Accupuncture

Saunas: Part of Relaxation throughout the ages!

Art therapy: Sidewalk chalk and banners are close friends for OFAN Activists! For more clinical settings, Art Therapy is sometimes included in Mental Health Services programs. It's worth asking Mental Health Services Boards if this program would design billboards/posters for brainfoods.

Cuddling, Sex: Keep it Consensual!

Becoming more educated & getting active for nutritional healing! Want coprehensive PTSD recovery working for you and your neighbors? Sustainable omega-3s in healthcare settings? Neighborhood health promos that make it easy? Present strategy proposals to Dr's & Mental Boards for Omega-3 education & community unifying ideas to catch people who need it, where they are. Do some Homework, but Make Sure your Senators get your green jobs proposals and various ways to improve brain-supportive nutritional wellness & affect clear decision making.

OFAN fights for Omega-3 enrichment, promotions of Favorable EFA Ratios, and #BrainFoodBreak wellness programming. Invariably, this means pointing out where things could be healthier, to for sure make gains THERE. Psych Ward menus prove how we can for the mentally ill. We need menu reform and advocacy leaders can uphold a place for Plant Sources of Omega-3s BELONGING in PTSD recovery. Don't overlook whats goin on with EFAs! <3 Jeremy

Stay on your Reps. Brainfood has everything to do with public safety & the original/traditional role of gov't is to look after general welfare. Act on the Science!

Demonstrate: Legalizing at Senators Offices, Mental Health Boards, science centers,

RT @OmegaFatsAction take a load off!!

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