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Avoiding Trans Fats, OH the Diseases it will prevent!

In the Bad fats category, Trans fats are the worst, right after Chinese gutter oil in terms of maximum risk posed by ingesting them. There's NO SAFE LEVEL to consume according to the Nat'l Academy of Sciences. US FDA designates Trans Fat as Non-GRAS (Not Generally Recognized as Safe) for use in human food.

Boycotting means looking out for "partially hydrogenated" in ingredients & Trans Fat grams in the Nutrition Panel. If a donut bakery isn't disclosing their oil, please ask & don't accept "vegetable shortening" as a complete answer.

If ingredient is "fully hydrogenated" or just "hydrogenated", it's not heart healthy, but not as dangerous as partial hydrogenation (which equals utter degeneration)!

Health Benefits of Boycotting: Primarily known for Artery clogging & ability to induce fatal heart attacks, TFs have deleterious affects throughout our whole system. Science implicates TF in memory loss & chronic inflammation.

Keep TFs AWAY FROM KIDS. Don't let depression, dementia, Alzheimers, PTS head trauma get any worse thru ingestion of these fats. Obese and diabetic folks- you're risks are heightened already, so AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!

Even if you're reasonably healthy, still don't go there!

Ecological & Human rights Benefits of Boycotting:

1) Reduce reliance on GMOs, the source of cheap veg oils that become trans fats. Cotton (cottonseed oil) is sprayed with copious pesticides & Soy from Monsanto is Genetically modified to be Round-up tolerant. Round Up is carcinogenic and already permeates in the environment 2) Leave behind "conflict" palm oil, the other main oil used in trans-fat baked goods. It's either killing Orangutan habitat, or it's displacing native people in Colombia.


Popeye's Louisiana kitchen: Deadly cuisine marketed in the black community: Discloses nutrition on their site but not at point of sale. Steer clear of Chicken Livers, Onion Rings, and Cajun Fries. WHO Thought this was a good idea?! Lodge your complaints, plea for FOOD SAFETY!

Ballreich's Chips,Tiffin: anywhere from 1.5-2g TF per serving. Not disclosing ingredients on website is very shady, but say in FAQ section of site they are in process of searching oil so fingers crossed they do so well ahead of the FDA's deadline.

has been poisoning people w/ PH oil for too long. Boycott!

CARL's Junior: Shit-listed for ultimate insults on injury, 2-3G trans fat in some burgers!! is it food or suicide?!

Grocery store Donuts & Duncan Hines Frosting: Acme, Giant Eagle (including GetGo gas station), stock Krispy Kreme or make their own brands of trans-fat donut. If the Grocery has an unlabeled donut case, please inquire with a manager to reference ingredients. Giant Eagle store brand frosting must be produced by Duncan Hines (18g TF per container). Keep kids away!

PleasantHill Ovens, a Speedway death-trap:

A whopping 10g Trans Fat in each danish, and 3.5g per cinnamon roll. A gross food safety violation!

Sheetz's suicidal impulse buy: donut holes are an acute hazard @ 12-15g per unit.

TastyKake: "Kandy Kakes" Sold by Amazon, Target, Sam club.

Krispy Kreme has used PH-oil, but not explicit about how much. The FDA allows this loophole where companies can list 0g TF on the Nutrition Fact panel if it has 0.5g or less per serving.

Merken's Chocolate: PH Palm oil in these chocolate medallions, sold all over the web on sites that don't specify ingredients. Still no gauge on the TF per serving.

Amish country Buttery Popcorn topping: sickening PH Soy oil, not cut with anything safe. Amazon listing has 100+ reviews. Manufactured by Gateway Food of IL

Hartley's Potato Chips of Central PA: Truly suicidal doses- 30g TF per $4 bag!! Tied with Martins as most dangerous in category! Even more dangerous because they list "shortening" in the ingredients without disclosing "partially hydrogenated" so you have to know to look for TF grams in the nutrition panel. Don't let these do-in Gramma! Solo speak outs unfolded @ retail locations, medical centers, & Hartley's factory.

Martin's Chips, Lancaster PA make Kettle Cook'd line with 3g trans fat per serving but this amish store fabricated a nutrition panel to say 0g.

Here's a store saying there's 3g in the bagged version but 0g in the bulk box even tho its the same product

Here's the same box on ebay with a pic of nutrition panel saying 3g. Isn't that something else!? -more misleading than usual for vendors!

COMPANIES SAYING THEY PHASED OUT: if you've been a fan of these, stabilize your disease risks!

Mary Ann's Donut: Acute disease risk/hazard, 2-7g per donut, unfortunate "death knell" of donuts. We witnessed instances of misleading & missing ingredient reference sheets at Speedway donut cases. At 5 Canton, OH donut shops, it's a disservice that NO ingredient advisories were posted, making it nearly impossible for people to follow medical advice & avoid trans fats!

Lying co claims they have the "hippest ingredients", when they've been serving Round-up ready Monsanto GMO Soy, warped into this depraved health hazard via partial hydrogenation.

JUBILEE DONUTS, Summit Co! - Was using "Super Fry" Partially hydro. soy oil product & Lacking disclosure on website or in-store. Pray for the people of Akron NOT HAVE HEART ATTACKS!

Corbos Bakery Little Italy: This operation mis-spelled their unsafe ingredients "Partically Hydronegated" and used foreign language to hide TF in their products. See testy confrontation with staff at 3min:


Vendors of Trans fat shortenings frequently hide nutrition & ingredients data. Some sites even carry fraudulent nutrition panels! KNOW these Brand Names for TRANS FAT:

Stratas Brand (owned by Ag-Giant ADM): BBS, BBS-C, Alpine, Alpine-C, Sweetex, Hytex, Primex, HYMO, Super-Hymo, Super Fry, Golden Chef All Purpose Vegetable shortening, Buckeye margarine, Golden flair vegetable oil, PS 99 Icing filling

Ventura Foods Brand: WHIRL butter flavored oil, PHASE liquid butter alternative. (including Garlic flavor). MEL-FRY shortening, Pan-whiz

Oasis Brand: Town & Country Donut Fry Shortening, Town & Country Pan & Grill Oil.

Sam's club: Bakers & Chefs Creamy Liquid shortening

Admiration: Zero TF donut fry shortening (actually has some PH oil)

Legal Timeline: In 2013, trans fats had their GRAS status (Generally Recognized as Safe) revoked, meaning they are NOT SAFE for use in human food. In 2015 FDA finalized the designation that PH oils are NON-GRAS (not safe) and mandated a phase out.


USA Today reported the ​Memory loss- Science back in 2014. Exacerbating the Alzheimer's rate much!? Dementia?! ADHD is up to 10%+ diognosis rates for kids. Limp dick? yess all that

Dr Krummerow, the Researcher who uncovered the artery clogging affect which resulted in the FDA mandated phase-out, passed away. His OBIT in Washington post commends the value of his work.

NEED MORE EVIDENCE that Trans fat companies screwing you over? We found instances of retailers fudging the truth, omitting the Trans fat Line in Nutrition panels even tho it's been mandated by FDA since 2006. We found FALSE Labels that say Zero G when really it's there:

Walmart BS fleichmanns blatent contradiction

Mejores foods incorrect martins label on 3lb box

Yoders store incorrect label for 3lb martins box

Giant Eagle BS no Trans fats line in panel fleichmanns

Lehman's Store BS no Trans Fat line in chips panel

CNN reports Popeyes committed to phasing out by Jan 2016, they are still listed as in use n Popeyes site!

webstaurant mismatched nutrition facts and ingredients

-Sound the alarm: Call on your health Depts to issue warnings, mention it at NGO meetings, Tell producers & retailers what you think w/ Facebook & Yelp Reviews.

- Print this to Staple/tape this up near offending retail locations!! Need stickers to place near product displays? Message


@OHdeptofhealth we need to recover from #Donutdisaster: mary anns, Jack frost, Peace LOVE and Little donuts, & Jubilee donuts, & Corbo's have fried with #AdulteratedOil. Don't be on the Sidelines, #RiseAboveHF #ProtectUsAll!

Atty General Sessions is so concerned abt drugs poisoning ppl? don't forget #transfatsKILL! Get @RealDuncanHines #partiallyHydrogenated frosting cartons off the market! 20g Banned trans fats per carton at least needs a surgeon general warning @POTUS

@sheetz #transFats cause <3 attack, Stop Using PH oils in your donut holes. It's bad 4 ADHD kids!

@Speedway pls mitigate #heartdisease reform ur Cinnamon rolls to comply with FDA #foodSafety mandates. #ByeTransFat

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