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Campaign Overview: OFAN is reaching out to YOU, in the Pro-Hemp, Pro-Vegetarian/Vegan World. We entice Eco/Oceans conservation stewards to get active in a conscuous campaign for a GREEN/Plant response to Omega-3 deficiency that supports CLEAN FATS & treading lightly. Let Fish Live is OPEN, Feel free to get creative in your exprssion. We hope to inspireOur ethos in delivering these messages is one of reverence: it's simply miraculous that fish are alive today, so we must honor what marine life remains. We need your help initiating/facilitating aspects of our Omega-3 promotion/enrichment strategic projects, all principally focused on expanding service of plant sources of ALA.










and more Easily Viewed on Google-Slides (to see which of them you want to print)

Scroll down to see whole set! Post Them in store windows, dorm windows, apartment doorways - anywhere visible for the campaign! #Brainfood remind your neighborhood today!


Wage struggles VIA Computers! 

Retweet @OmegaFatsAction strategic campaigns at #LetFishLive #Seeds4Seas


Sign SumOfUs Petition on CVS to stop overfishing Krills in the Antarctic Ocean shows we need to re-assess what Omega-3s we are demanding, and how much Fish can handle. SIGN IT and SHARE!!


Sign Petition to Get Huge Super-Trawler off Irish seas! 


SHARE Menu Innovations so people who are currently taking fish oil can think about at least alternating to get a bigger share of their Omega-3 intake from plant sources.


MAKE YOUR STAND Physically: DEMONSTRATE at Strategic locations!


The Side of the road/DOWNTOWN: Yep "brainfood reminding" is a public service that can stop overfishing at the same time, and it's as close as your nearest downtown intersection. Grassroots allies in the Hemp Struggle, Agricultural Progress blog, put together the Pass #Vegislation toolkit blog which contains many of the messages needed for a FINE Visibility demo. Get to making some of these signs and Share the blog widely! 


Hospitals/Mental Health Services Boards: Bring the Justice Rights Omega3 Edu and enrichment visibility signs to the lawns and outfront. Print these Placards, and these 16 more Laminate them for your Demo! We do this to remind Drs, nurses and the medical community we need their help promoting dietary diversity and healthy farming and should incorporate all the plant Omega-3 sources in their discussions with patients. This is not a time fo haphazardly making Fish oil prescriptions without also accounting for other strategies (particularly reducing bad fats). We want their support for the Hemp Farming Act. Don't forget to order Postcards for leaving in waiting rooms or files for designing a banner on vistaprint. Also have a handbill for stuffing windshields for the cars in the hospital parking lots.


CVS, Red Lobster, Bonefish Grill Disruptions:  We want these companies support for our enrichment programs, and to change their supplement section and menus. Put the corporate pressure on by doing visibility outside their location. "Honk for vegan omega3s!" "Stop overfishing for Omega-3s, Pass the Hemp Act"  messages on paper board just fine. Take photos, record your please to their customers.


Aquariums: Reach out so aquariums can be lead subject broachers!


Senators and Representatives: We want their support for the Hemp Bill, Omega Education in schools, enrichment in the psych wards & mental health drop-in centers, Help with the cops, and general nutritional wellness in their districts. Sample message to inform your own correspondance with your Reps is on our BLOG


Issues to cover at your Rally: 

Are Omega3s elective supplements? or are they ESSENTIAL? The truth is we need SOME. Deliver messages that convey the ESSENTIAL NATURE of Omega-3s. Indeed, we are built to have SOME of these ESSENTIAL FAT CHAINS woven into our dietary intake. 

Are we getting enough omega-3s? NO, Demand the medical community step up efforts to inform GENERAL PUBLIC that Omega-3 deficiency as something to watch out - a root cause in over 60 medical afflictions. Reminder PSAs & enrichment campaigns need Hospital system Support.

PRO-Omega-3 education: Share info about healthy habits (reducing bad fats). Instruction on the functionality of plant sources is essential to ramping up omega-3 intake. OFAN Projects are green-jobs/food-corps programs. Cheer for Hemp Flax and Chia! Review practices that compliment our bodies ability to maintain favorable conversion rates to make adequate EPA and DHA out of Plant ALA. Build bridges for reminders delivered, postcards left out, general validation for eco/plant response to Omega-3 deficiency.

PRO ACCESS & Feeding the Hungry:  Who are we partnering with to get fats hubs set up with samples and info to serve dietary diversity? How are donations being dropped off and availability advirtised in Hunger Centers?

Marine protection is a HUGE deal!! ANY nutritional info that gets across to inform peoples habits should indlude sustainability considerations of farmed salmon, toxicity of fish sources, and overfishing in general.

Pro Hemp Farming, Pro Green Jobs, Legalize 50-state Hemp Sprouting Rights messages & cannabis leaf art are a welcome attention grabber for visibility, and essential generating interest. Bad-fats reduction, more fiber, chia and flax also need messangers. Activists leading Let Fish Live demonstrations serve to "BRAINFOOD REMIND" the public that EFAs are ESSENTIAL, and that fat-Balance is beneficial. This is a lot of what we can hope for, to spur healthy habits ANYWAYS!


Please do something productive. "Sustainable Fishing" has enough marketing and certification programs, RALLY for something, to address Omega-3 deficiency with plants because they have a million other health benefits than just the oils. Overfishing for Omega-3s is ONE concern to react to in the ocean conservation picture. This makes OFANs endeavor "a green response" to Omega-3 deficiency and the Fatty Acid Balance imperative. Put simply: Nature's Gifts are a blessing. Legalize Hemp Farming! Flax and Chia and VEGGIES deserve cheering sections!  You can eat fish and join this activity for a sustainable future for Omega-3s! 

This may be low-priority for some, but we don't exactly have an overt plan for Sushi restaurants to be diversifying their menus yet either.


Take Pictures! Use HashTags! Use Instagram! Tweet them to OFAN! Put Videos on Youtube of your Action!




Let Fish Live, Stop overfishing 4 Omega-3s!

Print Some Placards for DEMOS, & as Solidarity Signs to tape in dorm windows, apartments, business storefronts, offices, etc.! Print from G-Drive LINK HERE!!!

See our Akron, OH Pep-rallies for more inspiration!!

Hope you can get more than a few people at your action!!

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