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#HempMenu is our restaurant initiative for

Hemp seed Menu items, organized by                      



This Menu-appeal link ( serves to inspire restaurants in your neighborhood to add Hempseeds to the menu for eco, agricultural, and health reasons. Natural Retailers like Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Amazon, Vitamin websites, Costco have Hemp nuts. If your establishment interested in participating in the Hemp Menu initiative, Email and we can arrange to send seeds at WHOLESALE rates, available in BULK. Raw Hemp hearts for JUST $6/lb.


It's $13.50 to ship 12lbs - this way you can support fledgling entities (USPS & OFAN).


 OFAN invested in Hempseed and make NO money on them. The premium seeds must be shipped to recipients with cooler space. We've done our part to keep them preserved in cold storage since Best Before time - June 30 2016, so should stay in cold storage to preserve freshness.

Don't forget our Recipes Page!


Interested in volunteering to reach out to local businesses regarding the ease of incorporating Hemp, Flax, or Chia Seeds into their services? We appreciate the HELP. VOLUNTEER!

BIG THANKS to restaurant owners and chefs who feature the pure delightfulness of Hemp seeds & seed oil on the menu! Your innovative dishes highlight the value of HEMP in our economic recovery and for nutritional wellness! Post Hemp dishes and follow the nuritional innovation excitement with #HempMenu & #EatHemp hashtags!


And Patrons, Thank you for supporting green-minded Businesses and enjoying the creative & delectable offerings! Now is the perfect time to highlight the importance of Hemp foods with "LET IT GROW!",  as we fight for Hemp Farming to be permitted in federal law. Show your gratitude for businesses bravely helping put aside the stigma and misunderstandings around Hemp so the crop can serve society. You ROCK!






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No-Bake Snacks, Raw Food bars, Cookies & nourishing treats

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