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improving palm Oil - protecting forests with RAN!!

In the Bad Fats Opposition Fight, Palm oil is one of the most fraught with scandal!!

At you can Sign the petition(LINK ) to improve the supply chain of oreo cookies and procter and gamble home products supply chain.

The People of Northen Sumatra and Borneo are sounding the alarm that Mondelez and Procter and Gamble must divest from certain suppliers that conduct LAND GRABBING without "Free prior Informed consent" that the native Batak People in N. Sumatra) and Long Isun people in Borneo DEMAND.

They Rely on Intact forests for their way of life!!

I have SPOKEN out at the HQ of these companies, with forest defenders from BlackBird cinci affinity group and Goldman Environmental Prize winner Delima Silalahi

TutupTPL and PGDropRGE are some good hashtags!!

Follow RAN on FB Ticktock and IG for more Clips of the Banner We unfuled in Chicago saying "Forest Defenders Protect all Life" this was a huge parachute banner that we closed down the intersection for several minutes to display


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