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Reaching out to US Senate/House Mental Health Leaders

OFAN operates across party boundaries on behalf of improved cellular function and mental health stability. There's no fence sitting or ambivalence allowed from respectable candidates today with regard to the future of Omega3s. Where do the candidates stand? how are they advancing wellness? Omega-3 deficiency is impairing mental health, heart health, immunity, and so much more in America. We must Act and Senators better be concerned!

We are closely following Addiction recovery and PTSD recovery legislative measures put forwards by Senator Portman (R-OH), and Tim Murphy (R-PA) work in the US House Sponsoring The Helping Families In Mental Health Crisis Act. See Our email to Tim Murphy's staff here:

Our respectful plea to Senators is to get involved in Omega Healing, Omega 3 Education, Menu Adjusting, Brainfood reminding, or other such enriching activity we need for more Omega-3s working in peoples favor, for mental health recovery and metabolic efficiency.

Here's our letter to Senator Portman, There's a solid case for some level of involvement. I just genuinely want Senator Portman on OFANs side for a sustainable response to Omega-3 Deficiency.

August 2015:

Dear Senator Portman, Omega-3 enrichment opportunities abound in our state, We'd really like your support for nutritional wellness initiatives that support mental health, cardiac health, and as preventative medicine. Time and again you find, people want these good fats and rave about them!

One pertinent concern related to our farming future is how we GROW more Omega-3s. We badly need Senator Portman's co-sponsorship for the Hemp Farming Act, S134. This is about Crop diversity, clean safe food, green jobs and the American dream. If he would speak with Ohioans about Hemp, he'd find overwhelming appreciation and interest in using Hemp seeds as a healthy protein source and balanced oil for dressings. We have the nutritional science now and incredible positive feedback on hemp seeds. People with allergies, vegetarian, gluten-free, and kosher fans thrive with hemp seed in our diets. It's great!

This seed is typically "peasant food" and is especially harmonious to my digestion and so inspires me to preserve traditional land uses of my ancestors. Can't get much more conservative than that!

Plant Kingdom Bakery, LLC, a local business is acutely impacted by Hemp's legal status issues. Their line of hemp seeds and snack food is distributed in many ohio counties (over 40 locations!).

Hundreds of thousands of interactions on the subject have unfolded by virtue of Plant Kingdom's sales and sampling force at farmers markets, coffee shops, and community events since 2009. Ohioans have really made up our minds years ago that Industrial Hemp has a healthy place in our Agriculture economy. Now with all the problems like Round-up, pesticides, manure runoff, people are really clamoring for Healthy farming products and it's evident at Costco, Trader Joes, The Cleveland Clinic wellness store and small Ohio businesses that carry Hemp seeds.

We deserve this chance to fully develop Hemp with the crop's definition as non-drug being passed into federal law. It will clear up confusion and stigma around Hemp, so people will know it doesn't cause failed drug tests. This will help people open up to enjoying a new health resource, they may appreciate. And What is that worth? It's time to act.

Senator MCconnell supports it, and it's a non-drug alternative to tobacco we need that fits into land-use ethics. Hemp poses no threats to birds, bees. Hemp helps as a vegan breakfast component, prortien for snacks, smoothies, and salads as avian flu and MRSA diseases decimate CAFO-style animal agriculture.

Moreover, Hemp ought not be overlook. Your consitutents with opnions will epress their disfavor for any road-blocks obstructing Hemp protduction We demand Sprouting rights in all 50 states.

Remember, we're the wellness advocates who want people to have healthy options in general, and Essential Omega-3s if they are deficient.

Vegan sources of omega 3 are especially valuable so we don't have to let overfishing get worse as people realize the health benefits of Omega-3s. These EFAs are our allies in the fight against ADHD and Depression, so it's an imperative to get involved. Psych Drs are just getting better at Discussing Omega-3 fat balance with patients.

There are several circumstances where Senators care and support will benefit the public. The Cleveland Foodbank is excited about Hemp seed donations. Coupled with salsa this is a tasty nourishing snack. Could you help us secure flax and chia as well as part of heart healthy menu instruction for member agencies? This is an opportunity for a photo op.

Cleveland Health Dept officers have heard about our efforts to support nutritional wellness in conjunction with police reform because it's good PR and can lower Cardia Arrest risks! See our campaign here!police-reform/c9fz

You support Mental Health Check-ups for Service men & women, how about a brain-supportive nutritional wellness initiative in with Police Reform? This Could afford Food Corps jobs to struggling college students. Officers need better PR that health programming could bring. Since the public currently has no assurences that cops's aren't experiencing mood disorders linked to omega-3 deficiency, we can find ways to assess this, with or without a blood test. And the public can be somewhat thankful if officers are opting for healthier foods, such as whole grain breakfasts instead of white flour donuts.

Can you help us build bridge's built social services that begin to can include any of the super-seeds. The Whole hemp seeds go great with salsa, Shelled hempseed with green and grain salads, chia seeds with oatmeal and vegan yogurts, milled flax in with no-bake and baked goods. We should do this in the name of FIBER and Dietary Diversity as well as Omega-3 enrichment.

At the Mental Health Services Board drop in centers, there's an opportunity for some omega-enriching activity to occur there. Food innovators can support healthy snacks access at these locations. We need leadership for more omega3s into the corner stores or public housing authorities as well! See our Fats Hubs program for ideas on how to feature Omega3s wellness info and samples.

Any Omega-3 wellness is good right now, if He wants to pass on Hemp opportunities, how about convening a #brainfood potluck with faith leaders, Doctors, teachers, police unions? If it's not the right time in your political career to support Hemp, how about flax, chia, or reducing bad fats? We'd like to celebrate Meatless Monday with you by reducing bad fats in a Psych Ward setting. I'd appreciate an opportunity to discuss this further and will want to make sure you're looped in on the latest science on the healing benefits of healthy fat intake.

Here's the national update we're emailing to Food policy professionals.

Thanks! Look forward to hearing back soon to gain the senators support!!

Dec 17 2015 Sent to Staff after 20 minute phone call.

Dear Josh, Cannabis advocates are aware of the Senator's level of intolerance for weed, but we're still gong to be pushing him to align with Ohio public opinion that supports patients-safe-access-rights :-)

- Ukraine Aid: is Any for food aid? Would Senator portman Help appropriate using Ukrainian Hempseed for food aid?

It's so Healthy. i need help siting manufacturing of my own snacks line, and producing them better.

-Ibogaine Would Senator Portman Advocate bringing Ibogaine clinics to Ohio to mitigate the Opiate Disaster?

-CBD cannabinoid extract can be useful in pain management, again to mitigate opiates and as NO potential for getting anyone stones. Would Senator Portman support Industrial Hemp Farming Act (S134) to grow CBD? CBD and OMega 3s are some supremely beneficial health resources. It makes sense to produce them with the non-drug hemp especially from the standpoint of a Health leader!

- Medical Marijuana does he support it helping Reduce pain pills dispensed in Opiate Crisis? or furnished for PTSD vets? This is obviously a huge justice crisis, and a health one, because people get kicked off their pain management for testing positive for THC.

- Omega3 Education: Can it have a role in PTSD treatment schemes?

- ON Manure runoff mitigation: Could Senator Portman support a Meat free monday menu or "CAFO free Friday?" for places like Psych wards, Jails and Schools? It can be constant cheap meat in these places which is alarming and not healthy. I'd love to see the public sector stand by commitment to mitigate manure runoff with at least modesu sustainable menu commitments?

Here's Humane Society Toolkit for Meat Free Monday in K-12 and Hospitals

- Composting and Food Waste: Does Senator Portman have commitments in this regard to make it easier? We want food not bombs more easily conducted.

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