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Open letter, Email sent to Food Policy professionals

OPEN LETTER for OMEGA ENRICHMENT to food system engineers, Food policy/security NGOs and advocates

Dear Food Policy professionals, thank you for your commitment to healthy foods production & access!

OFAN is a grassroots Ohio group focusing on strategies to address Omega 3 deficiency with clean plant sources. Please take a moment to discover Omega Fats Action Network, our site and support network plans for Hemp, Flax, and Chia. Our many initiatives represent a thorough approach to serve public health and mental health in your area, while saving ocean life and expanding crop diversity!

We seek to expand omega3 education & access through advocacy, bridge building, and subject broaching. We may be biting off more than we can chew, but please bear with us. Brain supportive nutrients need allies who can get them working for those in need (and those who are hungry!). This is a major preventative health initiative because over 60 medical afflictions are now linked to Omega-3 deficiency. Look at how little exists in the way of public service projects to be part of a solution. Where are the brainfood reminders or access initiatives for the general public who is not used to paying attention to omega3s? Now's an important time to promote the functionality of plant sources of Omega-3, so we don't let overfishing get any worse as people learn about the benefits. As sustainable foodies, this issue is calling on us to fill the void in leadership.

This issue hits home for OFAN, based in Ohio where we belong to the "ADHD belt". Did you know Flax meal helps with ADHD? YEP! (See CDC maps of our acute ADHD diognosis spike here The inadequacy of PTSD treatments is also a big reason to take action. At a time when the nutritional science should be helping people, the lack of omega-3 understanding and access is hurting us.

Will you consider being a part of networking more solutions? Broaching the subject with Mental Health Services boards, doctors, or other healthy orgs can result in substantial gains and fun special enriching projects. Who doesn’t love those?

As MLK said, “there comes a time when silence is betrayal”. We must act, and there's many things that can be done, so don't give up hope!! We will make a critical difference! Immediate nutritional education is needed to catch up the psych Drs, mental health services and school boards, nurses, home health aids, and academia on science behind Omega3. Ideally, we can use this to inform healthier meal plans being served in institutional environments. OFAN is arranging the development of such a menu. So of course, FOOD POLICY groups are well suited to take up this glorious service project!

You'll be in good company, and on the cusp of change. The USDA is flirting with promoting omega3s to combat depression.

USDA recommends more fish in the 2015 Dietary guidelines, but there's a problem with that because of overfishing, toxicity issues, and myriad threats to marine life already. In terms of sustainable response, what about the functionality of vegan omega-3s? That's where OFANs #ActOnFats comes in!!

We also need leaders for Police reform. Our petition to Health & Human Services makes a clear case that officers and people in high stress jobs will benefit from nutritional wellness assessments and Omega Balance education. Please sign!:

Our focus is Fat balance, but I've also heard from hormone and mineral balance folks who make compelling cases for their nutritional issues. These health indicators should be taken seriously, as each measurement is an ally in recovery from PTSD. Nutritional wellness initiatives could help police with Public Relations as well, so if you think you can broach this subject with local law enforcement officers, look to our campaign page & presentations to help!!police-reform/c9fz

OFAN actions ideas serve as feel-good good-mood projects to unite our networks:

- Talking to your mental health services boards about supporting Omega3 education and access. Our Asks of them relate to yours!!How-Mental-Health-Boards-can-Help/c6cw/55c8505f0cf20ab88b202149

-Lobbying your Statehouse representatives about the food served in jails, psych wards, schools. Is Brain supportive nutritional wellness included in these areas? Or is more freshness, meatless monday, and fat balance in order? Why not use the nutrients strategically to promote mental clarity and alertness in these environments? It will help people make healthier decisions.

Potlucks with faith leaders, to bring together Drs, Teachers, Cops, people affected by mental illnesses/cognitive impairments and many afflictions to have a chance to get Omega3s. How about getting one going at a garden or hoophouse? or a cooking demo at the community center? You'll find people will be drawn to your event, which fits nicely with educational movies and seminars.

Brainfood reminders: posters up in health/fitness places, public transit hubs, and community centers can say "don't forget Essential omega3s" or “got fatty Acid Balance?” Make a PSA for the radio. Use Public art, doorways, window decals, to support brainfood awareness and adequate omega-3. Contact us for postcards We are especially interested in getting them going in public places, hospitals, and fitness places, and in the windshield wipers of cars parked at hospitals fitness places and seafood restaurants.

Access initiatives: better advertising In corner stores, Omega3 education in appropriate environments, decal stickers of Omega 3 emblems in property windows where dietary omegas are available. With your local "launch" kitchens or anywhere, site production of Omega-snacks to be made for mental health services drop in centers, Seed packing for corner stores, fats hubs.

Volunteers in your network can do visibility with banners, and get service projects incubated that teach about omega enrichment to kids, seniors, in mental health psych wards, corrections facilities, and public housing districts where nutritional wellness initiatives are lacking.

Our TAKE ACTION page is almost with tasks anyone in your network can do!!!take-action/c39c

And please support Fat Balance in Agriculture, Inform and influence your US senators to co-sponsoring the Hemp Farming Act. Conact them at

Tell your friends, follow this template to paste HEMP LEGALIZING emails and FB posts!legalize-from-home/cbkw

Thank you so taking a moment for this subject matter!! I wish you all the best improving health in your area.

Yours truly, Jeremy and the OFAN team

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