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House Ag committee Omega-3 recomm/appeal.

Hello, I'm Jeremy Koosed, it would be a pleasure to have Rep. Conaway's comments on agricultural/nutritional issues I'm covering freelance for several publications. I'm corresponding with NPR science reporter, Anne Glausser, on the subject of Omega-3s in healthcare. I'm also conducting communications with several Congressional offices I'm keeping abreast on distinct Omega-3 related health issues.

In my pro-bono Health advocacy work, we're following Essential Fats very closely. Some of the latest is that USDA 2015 Dietary guidelines has Omega-3 mentions. This is such a lengthy document (500+ pages) so I've asked my Rep. Marcia Fudge & Senator Brown (both serving on Agriculture committees) to review the guidelines to inform appropriate community responses to omega-3 deficiency, the development of fat-balanced menus in institutional settings, etc.

I'm also dealing with Cuyahoga County Mental Health Services boards, reviewing the latest science with them, and natural resource considerations, encouraging Mental Health and medical communities to settle on recommendations for Balanced fat intake.

Here's a couple mainstream articles on the subject. Since Good Fats have brain-supportive properties, Omega3s can be critical in staving off depression. Exciting, right? :-) For Mental health and heart health, omega levels is a health indicator. Along with mineral and hormone check-ups, Re Conway should be aware, wellness coaches are optimistic that when we get these things balances, this can really work in FAVOR for Veterans rebounding from PTSD. "GOED Council reporting 75% of American Diets Deficient in Omega-3s" Shape Magazine USDA looks at Omega3 for Depression in the 2015 Dietary Guidelines

There are sustainability concerns, that USDA and NPR lavish praise on salmon and mackerel, with little coverage of plant sources. Overfishing, toxicity of fish due to fat-soluble pollutants, and the eco effects of salmon farming are barely touched on in many reports. NPR's very recent spot on "the salt" only touched on salmon.

My group, Omega Fats Action Network OFAN, has developed creative community programs for Omega-3 enrichment that can be GOOD NEWS, to support in our communities. I have offered Ohio Senator Portman opportunity to support many of these healthy initiatives like healthy fats in HUNGER Programs. We have sent our comprehensive suggestions to Food Policy Councils. We've blogged our correspondence with these players:

Now onto questions: Where does Rep Conaway stand on the Hemp Farming Act (HR525)? Has your office reviewed the USDA 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Omega3/ Fat-Balance recommendations?

Should Rep. Conaway support Omega-3 recommendations that do not exacerbate threats to marine life, Ocean and ECO conservation groups will be relieved. Response to omega 3 deficiency does relate to resource management for our Nation. Many medical afflictions are linked to Omega-3 deficiency, so it's important that the public have a wealth of information available, on variety of EFA sources, to find a fat-balance that works for our quality of life.

ALA Omega3 is found in Flax, Chia, Walnut, sacha inchi seeds, with some in canola. Soybeans, leafy greens, winter squashes, melons, blueberries also have some ALA. Many natural foods have favorable/balanced omega3:omega6 ratios.

Would you support Fat Balanced Menus in the Psych Wards and Jails to promote Mental Health Stability in there? If withholding certain foods is too hard, like limiting meat, dairy, omega-6 heavy fired foods is too diffcult, could you help us put up signs making appeals and suggestions in these environments?

We advocate Green Jobs in Omega3 education being dispatched to areas that need enrichment, like a Food Corps

Would you co-sponsor a ditto for school kids about maintainign healthy fat intake?

A Brainfood Reminding Billboard, mailer, e-mial, PSA delivered for the general public?

With regard to Addiction and PTSD recovery, Omega-3 fat balance could strnegthen and stabilize people in these situations, so I hope you will consider making thorough Omega-balance strategy info available to these patients and their caretakers.

Would you bring nutritional researchers before your committee to testify on what's working in their fields?

thank you for your Mental Health leadership!!!

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