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Hemp Nutrition Outreach to Corner Stores & Restuarants

To Shell "True North" convenient store website today:

Good Afternoon from another Ohio-proud co! I'm interested in being a vendor. My Snack bar Bakery recently closed and we're slowly distributing inventory of Canadian toasted salted Whole Hemp seeds & Raw Hemp hearts agriculture products for protein. This enriching ingredient is a substantial allergen-free whole food Omega-3 source, great for endurance when travelling. Would you consider introducing the seeds at No risk, for featuring alongside salted sunflower seeds, or near salsa & corn chips. They are incredible with tater tot and fries/ketchup.

Thank you for offering Hummus cups, this is another food that goes heavenly with Raw hemp nut. Our seed stock is a refrigerator-stored product, because they are maintaining freshness post best before date which is June 2016. My branding could be altered for your needs. We are concerned with increasing access to healthy foods so would like your feedback. here's link to Outreach docs, in wonderful compilation: Yours Truly in health, ​Jeremy Koosed - Hempseed menu spokesperson, Owner, Plant Kingdom Bakery LLC Founder Omega Fats Action Network, Organizer for NEO Meat Free Monday coalition Follow My tweets @OmegaFatsAction @HempSnackery @AgProgressOH I have a discount-brand & access coordination effort for Hempseeds! Order Raw Hemp Nuts 6.50/lb and Toasted Salted seeds for $3/lb from me. Seeds are past best by date of June 30 so for quick use or storage in fridge/freezer. They are safe from bugs and spoilage, in cold storage until the orders come in. See and support merchants carrying our brand I started a Bran-supportive pro-bono advocacy arm for nutritional wellness thru adequate Omega3s! Cheer on plants for Omega3s in head trauma recovery, help the ADD/ADHD kids get eco-Brainfood without endangering marine life. Campaigns that need your participation @ ​Go Fund me Hempseed donations for Flint Trip: ​ CrowdRise Omega 3s wellness recipe cards, stickers, seed samples: #ActonFats FundRazr: Send the Cle Meatless Monday resolution for climate & food system leaders

Menu Encouragement for Gen. Public to share pro hemp menu innovation info with Food Service providers

Quick update on our menu initiative for resource conservation, manure runoff polluton mitigation, and overall Health & resiliency: Omega Fats Action Network, OFAN has great memes, implicating agribusiness hazard reasons to grow hemp. We can all shine this harvest fest season! If you can get some hempseeds sold thru our clearance, it's no secret we need help marketng the 1K+ lbs Raw Hemp Hearts and even more toasted salted seeds Left at-cost wholesale rates. A donation stock to encourage menu innovation is avail. too! Our web store is down so if anyone wants to recommend i sell thru a site/store LMK, we have lots of bumper stickers for canna shops too! Here's the