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Tweeting for Brain Supportive health & Eco Ag!!

Tweeting ROCKS!! its a sure fire way to put ur signature our there! Our job is to create engaging hashtags to influence health and agriculture professionals. Here are the brain-supportive health and eco-ag-climate recommends we have so far.

Expect more on mental health boards for medical weed because opiates, and for comprehensive wellness in ptsd and omega3 education and eat the rainbow in the psych wars sails and schools.

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Protect us all calls out health hazards & brain supportive pro-plant health put ou with @OmegaFatsAction policy agenda comprehensive brain support that's preventing heart disease risks and improving cognitive functions for the ADHD overdiognosis rates and depression linked to nature deprivation. Health policy leader tweets 1) protect us from heart disease risks related to trans fats! ask the FDA expedite the bAn! Pressure trump and hillary to say what they want from their bureaucrats, keep them for 2 more years with basically no warnings? 2) fiber and eat the rainbow are essential in the #mentalhealth recovery. how can we expect the mentally ill to coutneract disease risks if we don't find MORE exciting ways to promote these nutritional Wellness assets? 3) PTSD is a tragic plague on our veterans this vulnerable population would benefit from health education programming emphasizes brain supportive omega-3 & minerals. Promote eco brainfood with #actonfats 4) prescribed pain pills line the trail to opiate OD death disaster. afford people enough cannabis and botanical care to augment pain management. #reschedule #deschedule. Cosponsor carers. 5) will you clean up pharms drug residues? weed, cbd, omega3 are all safer than pharma cocktails for PTSD. ADD/ADHD is outta control with 15% diagnosis rates. What are ur natural tips for cognitive function and neurological repair? 6) GMO junk garbage trans fats pose danger to families already disadvantaged by lead exposure, air pollution, etc. Will you help promote balance fat intake in impoverished neighborhoods to improve quality of life? 7) stigma around hemp, unfounded fear of failing a drug test irksomely hold people back from dietary diversity. will you cosponsor hemp farming Act to encourage healthy eating in land uses? #vegislation 8) #letfishlive for Omega-3s, the Krill in the ocean depleted because supplements by CVS. #hempflaxchia are great response to #brainfood needs, help ppl get on track without getting us off track on #oceanOptimism 9) Hotdogs, capicola, bologna, salami, have inadequate warning related cancer threat levels: colorectal prostate and breast harmed by nitrates, dioxin, acrylamide, round up, #hotdogcancerwarning on surgeon general now! 10) #walmartcancerplea is to afford more info to consumers re cancer threat levels of processed meats, will u join pressure and ask betty white to donate to the update stickers for hot dog packages? 11) We have a 30% obesity rate! Tell people just how awful it is to use their food stamps on soda and pepperoni pizza. 12) Pls ask @HomeDepot and @Lowes TO afford people the information to protect their neighbors from Roundup spray #BanGlyphosate

Climate resiliency and eco land use practices encouraging tweets! Partner initiative @AgProgressOH puts out many of these.

1) GR8 LAKES H20 likes #PULSEPLEDGE #HEMPMENU 4 lowering phosphorus applic. 2 fields. potluck, climate H2O quality leaders 2) #ActOnclimate to lower #methane. see how!! tried #hemp nutmilk. nut butters & Bakery. Delight w/ hotchoc. 3) Recommend Veggie burger patties, #hempmenu salsa & hummus parties. Salad topping promo, #Climate leaders assist #ag water stewardship. 4) Too much h20 goes2 wash dead animals. cleanup constant tragedy #cargillDeadzones #Climate leaders! Scarcity! #CAFOfreeFriday 5) Less killing on #meatfreemonday help ohio meet phosphorus fert. Application reduction goal accord w MI ON. 6) Why isnt surgeon gen active4 veggie dogs2 lowr cancer rates? Have u climate leaders considered the effects cancer labeling could have on damage from manure pollution? #hotdogcancerwarning 7) resilience in flood recovery areas means immune supportive nutrition, supp #HelpHempProtein good mood food. 8) aren't #Climate leaders concerned abt filth of flood waters? How can we be fracking #toxicSlaughterhousedischarges? Dont re open filthy water wasting CAFOS in carolinas. 9) keep cheering @WHO to #SaveABX! Now #lessmanure #ActonFARTS initiatives #ActOnclimate 4 clean #Ag Safe water 10) adequate fiber protects against #heart disease, 25% as the cause of death of seniors! @UNFAO should extend #PulsePledge to 2017. WTG Lentils 11) already too much #Roundup in the enviro. #banglyphosate it's shown 2 leach phosphorus endangering water quality. climate-resilient agriculture protects fresh water ecosystems.

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