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2018 Legislative Agenda for Cannabis, the Bees & Green Jobs #Vegislate

Legalize from Home is a grassroots-PRESSURE TOOLKIT I devised to GENERATE PRESSURE FOR The Industrial Hemp Farming act. This will define Hemp as non-drug by amending the Controlled Substances act, an integral step in de-stigmatizing the seeds so ppl can warm up to new foods and give investors confidence. This #vegislation will take Hemp beyond the research plots which were authorized in the Farm Bill (which has allowed CO and KY grown hemp products to come to market!). It will fully legalize commercial farming rights federal law. I’ve BEEN LOBBYING for this 10 yrs+ and must gain traction for eco-health! It’s 201 version is HR.3530 (before US HOUSE members). We’d much rather legalize in the streets, but developed the toolkit to challenge “armchair” activists to use templates for quick notes to appeal friends to pressure Congress. Keep referring folks to

Now for the entire weed legislative agenda:

- CARERS act, Stands for Compassionate Access, Research Expansion, and Respect states. Re-introduced as S.1374 in the 2017 congress, this is a high-priority for Medical weed justice. It MOVES CANNABIS TO the less-restrictive SCHEDULE 2, a perfectly reasonable step to align policy w/ with public opinion, since well over 80% of US citizens support patients rights to safe-access. A President can make this change thru DOJ/DEA rule making process, but Obama refused to. Even though Trump says he supports medical weed, ATTY GENERAL Sessions is an asshole and unlikely to offer relief or assurance to MMJ patients. Just the opposite, he’s attempting to ramp up searches and seizures just for suspicion of crime, to make the drug war more UNJUST. It’s really on CONGRESS to do this.

CARERs is introduced in the US HOUSE as HR 2920, so call your Rep about it too. Say “Drug Scheduling with SCIENCE and compassion please! It’s insult to injury when people can't get the therapy they need. Senator Warren pointed out, MMJ belongs in the comprehensive response to the opiate crisis, as a safe alterative that so the OD-Death gateway won’t open for as many people. Folk can still be kicked off their opiate pain scripts for testing positive for weed, which is just utter depravity and we need to speak out!

-House Reps need calls for HR 975, The Respect State Marijuana Laws ACT which will uphold the status quo at least, and not allow DOJ Sessions to erode the freedoms people voted into law. (See Petition section p. 13 as well).

Jared Polis’s Regulate marijuana like Alcohol act.

- Fully Legalize Marijuana!! Watch Sen Booker’s 3 min video on Marijuana Justice Act. Ask Senators to cosponsor S.1689 to Deschedule Cannabis (removing it from Controlled Substances Act entirely) & expunge for nonviolent offenders charges! Criminal justice reform EXCITEMENT!!!