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Weed Shrinking Cancer & the Hemp breakfast struggle

What's Safer than Chemo?

Celebrate the 10 Yr Anniversary of Running from the Cure which woke up North America to the Miracle of RSO (Rick Simpson oil extract = high THC extract that makes you fatigued but shrinks cancer)

EVEN the Natl Cancer Institute links to a study showing Cannabis leaves shrink cancer cells, but withholds overt recommendation because FDA does not approve it.

Employ Cannabis with things rumored to slow cancer: Alkaline Diet, Soursop, dandelion tea, Flax, Tumeric, and How can we go Wrong!


Hemp Protein = Not Colon cancer red and processed meats.

Choose Hemp Nuts for PROTEIN > sausage, beef or pork.

Processed meats are class 1 designation cancer causing hazard as designated by IARC, the Cancer research arm of United Nations WHO.

CSPI (legit non-profit) has a petition on FDA and USDA to label hot dog cancer threat level: Tweet this link for LEGIT BACK UP to your protein alteration pleas!

OSU Extention presents this PDF elaborating on specifically how Processed meats favor cancer growth in the body.

Hemp nut "mylk" lacks casein (in cow dairy) that grows cancer. This was shows China Study by T. Colin Campbell and the film Forks Over Knives.

#Hemp on salads > bacon bits. Hemp muffins for protein for breakfast not ham slabs, Spare miss piggie, because

RECIPES not in our recipe page: Taco Fillings Blog, seitan hempfu, tempeh

HEMP PROTEIN for less cancer also supports less Heart attacks and eco-stewardship. Watch a minute PSA for PLANT PROTEIN encouragement!

-HEMPseed marketing-

Plant Kingdom hemp menu thorough appeal to food establishments

Hemp seeds for retail locations compilation

Goo Ball coating

Yoga Outreach Doc

Fats Hub Doc

Omega Puffs video

Hemp Snack review video

Crunchy hempseed in party foods video with selena

Plant Kingdom snack selling jargon FAQa for Barista

Gen info for samplers FAQs drug testing, appealing jargon

Hemp History weeks restaurant appeal

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