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Pressure AG committee for green jobs in FARM BILL! Letter to Rep Fudge

Here's the letter we Sent to Rep Fudge, who serves on the House Agriculture Committee. We didn't bother mentioning one of our key cancer prevention priorities (a hazard warning label on processed meats) because she is in the pocket of Big-pork.

Greetings Rep Fudge thank you for your service on the agriculture committee. I want to comment on the farm bill with science-backed suggestions:

PLEASE Co-sponsor these Agriculture/Green Jobs bills:

The Industrial Hemp Farming act. HR.3530 to define heirloom Hemp

as non-drug by amending the Controlled Substances act.

-The Respect State Marijuana Laws ACT, HR 975, is needed to protect patients and voters will from oppressive DOJ Jeff Sessions, as he revoked the Obama era Cole-memo which was promulgated well to guide state's in how to administer their cannabis policies without triggering federal interference.

The Food and Farm act version of the Farm Bill by Rep Blumenauer , enacts food-waste reduction programs we need badly!!

Saving America’s Pollinators Act, HR 5015, to Ban Neo-Nic pesticides. David Suzuki foundation is warning about this hazard. Rep Conyers was a

leader for this measure. We need Rep Fudge take this up for Earth month!

Ban Chlorpyrifos, Sen Udall Sponsors the Protect children, Farmers, and farm workers from Nerve Agent Pesticides Act, This act has

support in the Dem caucus and it's Autism Awareness Month & organophosphate is a direct hazard to mental health, causing IQ loss and autism. Tens of thousand of people have been poisoned by Chlorpyrifos and you can read this impressively thorough Intercept article ( the environmental injustice Dow has tried to cover up over the years

I'm going to be reading up on agriculture programs passed recently in the Omnibus spending bill.

This article says "FY 2018 bill has also included increased support for the Food Safety Outreach Program (FSOP); an increase of $2 million, bringing total funding to $7 million. With an estimated 100,000 farmers impacted by the new regulations of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), many of which will need to make sure they are in compliance in the coming year, this increase is particularly timely and welcomed:

I'm wondering if that Outreach will encompass for the Trans Fat phase out. Lots of Donut makers and some Chip companies are Still frying in this chronic disease inducing bad-fat. They need cease and desist orders that reiterate FDA guidance. The FDA under trump wrote me that they are enforcing the Trans Fat ban effective June 18. .

Police Officers have fallen for this trap (trans fat-fried donuts). Given the concern the Black Lives matter police reformers! I've also reported instances of LABELING FRAUD to FDA, where trans fats are mis-represented by merchants. If rep Fudge would engage this issue, it would be great. I sent tips to media: politico and ATTN, but havent heard back.

Thanks so Much for reviewing this! I look fwd to seeing more from Rep Fudge on the Farm Bill and can recommend health experts to testify before AG committee about these concerns :-)

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